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The experienced shopper knows that party favors are organized by themes, attempting to coordinate the favors with the overall feel of the decorations. You can also find party favor ideas organized by season. The season can be the theme itself: flowers for Spring, beach and seashells for Summer, Autumn foliage for Fall, and snowflakes for Winter. But beyond these items, many modern brides want to return to the days of authenticity when a gift was really a personal extension of gratitude and appreciation from the giver to the recipient. In order to communicate anything but the cheap and mass manufactured, we offer our personalized gifts. These favors strive to communicate something personal, to deliver to the recipient not only something of value, but also a personalized statement from the bride. A personalized wedding favor always communicates that the bride went the extra mile to create something unique for this most special of occasions. Enjoy browsing our personalized favors for your wedding, and our personalized gifts for all occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, and presents for the holidays.