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Rustic & Vintage

Rustic design hit the creative world by storm about 10 years ago, and Restoration Hardware became known as the "it" designer for all things rustic, and in many cases, a vintage, not-quite-antique, but certainly aged feel. Most brides are uncomfortable with over-the-top design, the pinnacle of which reminds us of French Rococo. It's simply "too much". Rustic or vintage-inspired, on the other hand, conveys a human quality, something that's actually been used in life, in labor, and with love. Our rustic wedding favors create a mood of home life, a welcoming place where bride and groom can begin to create their lives together, and extend an invitation to those they love. A vintage motif adds a touch of romance and simple elegance that is often in step with a more simple life - a life where love and passion, strength and commitment are the central values in life and in the new marriage.