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Today's hostess has a great deal to juggle. When the real work for the upcoming event begins, she has to consider the perfect invitations, the perfect theme, and then she has to build the decor around that theme. A challenge for anyone, most of us start with a budget. It's that starting point that frequently forces us to change from what we would prefer to what we can afford. That's where our buyers at Party Favor Source step in. While we have a few of the very cheap favors, and a nice sample of the more expensive favors, the majority of our buying revolves around the affordable. We ask, for a moderate budget, which favors are neither too cheap nor too fancy, but which communicate quality at a price most people can afford. We hope to provide numerous options within each party theme, so that not only are you able to afford the right party favors for your guests, but also that you have choices within a range of affordability that permit considerations of aesthetics and what might be best for your unique evening.

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