Add Unique Detail and Flair to Your Reception with Personalized Beverage Napkins

If you like your parties planned and customized down to the last detail, you may want to think about getting personalized beverage napkins like these:


Personalized Beverage Napkins

Personalized drink napkins allow you to:

  • Add some personalized color and flair to the event, accenting your theme be it a trending rustic theme or a beachside wedding
  • Show your guests how much you appreciate that they came to your engagement party, bridal shower, wedding or anniversary party. A personalized image goes a long way.
  • Add to the “cute” factor of your party with details that make your guests go “Awww!”
  • Add details like these that will be talked about, remembered, even kept, for years to come.

Above all, remember, it’s your party! Make sure that your guests will have something to delight in, cherish, remember, and possibly even work into their own party plans, by adding details such as unique, quirky, personalized beverage napkins.


Love in Paradise Personalized Beverage Napkins

Your party planner will be so proud of you!

Cotton Favor Bags are Simple and Affordable Yet Unique Party Favor Packaging

When preparing party favors, it’s always a great touch to present them in ornate, interesting, and creative bags or other containers. So when you’re organizing favors for a wedding, birthday, baby or bridal shower, always remind yourself that your favors should be presented in unique packaging.

Here are some tips on how to choose great bags or other containers for your party favors:

  • “Unique” is always the way to go if you want to give memorable take-home favors or gifts.
  • Being considered unique may lie in the bag or case’s material, color, or design.
  • Interesting or unique favor bags and packaging don’t have to be expensive.

For example, cotton favor bags like these with a rustic love birds and heart-filled branches design are party favor containers that fit all three of these tips. The material is a great reminder of things earth-friendly and may be associated with descriptive terms like “quirky,” “offbeat,” and, yes, “unique.”


Love Birds and Heart-Filled Branches Cotton Favor Bags

“Unique” and “interesting” can also be simple and affordable. A great example of this is using packaging like these terrific cotton favor bags, which come in a variety of prints that are suitable for many different occasions:


Variety of Cotton Favor Bags

Showcase Your Union with a Contemporary Water Ceremony Vase Set

The Unity Candle Ceremony, traditionally used in Catholic weddings, is all about communicating a couple’s love, unity, and oneness. It has since been augmented by the Unity Sand Ceremony … and now the beautiful, expressive Unity Water Ceremony.

Nothing symbolizes complete and total cohesiveness other than the homogeneity of two colored liquids combining to form a new color. While the sand ceremony sees two sands merge into one beautifully-colored sand urn, the Unity Water Ceremony’s perfectly-mixed liquids show a purely inseparable substance.

In fact, it may become a ceremony that’ll take the wedding guests’ breath away. Some ceremony liquids, when combined, form a new, different color. Others even glow! It’s like having a magic show or fireworks display in the midst of your wedding ceremony. Don’t forget to commemorate the celebration with a personalized Water Ceremony Vase Set!


Personalized Water Ceremony Vase Set

Organize a Creative Coming-of-Age Party with Hip Favors Accented with Vinyl Chalkboard Cling Labels

In the past, a debut was held in order to introduce a wealthy family’s daughter to society. It marked a wealthy young lady’s coming-of-age, and was a signal that she was eligible for marriage. In England in the old days, debuting women would be presented on the royal courts, whereas in the United States, debutante balls were hosted by wealthy women’s groups, and held in hotels. Nowadays, when American girls “come of age”, having a house party, being given access to a car, and being allowed to go out on dates are the more accepted ways to celebrate the milestone.

If your teenager would rather have a more intimate coming-of-age party though, it would be great to have giveaways that are cute and hip. And to complete the favors’ look, a great touch would be with favors that feature vinyl chalkboard cling labels, especially on favors that are made of, or are kept in, glass jars. These customized jars make great party favors or glassware to use during the party … be it coming-of-age house party, Sweet 16 party or Quinceanera!


Vinyl Chalkboard Cling Labels (4 Shapes)