Personalized Chevron Fans to Keep Guests Stylish and Cool at Your Outdoor Wedding

If you are going for a personalized design for your wedding reception, choose neutral designs that will suit and complement your overall theme and motif. You can choose bright and colorful designs for a daytime or afternoon wedding and a more subtle, rustic design for evening weddings.

The chevron stripes design is best if you are going for a colorful, youthful theme for your wedding. We offer are many Chevron-patterned items and accessories to choose from that you can mix and match to complete your decorations and favors ensemble.


Personalized Chevron Favor Fans (Package of 48)

If you are giving away several little favors for your guests at your spring or summer outdoor wedding reception, consider giving these Personalized Chevron Favor Fans. Each fan is made of a 5”x 5” square card with a plastic handle. Even better, each may be personalized with the couple’s first names and the event date in your choice of 29 vibrant ink colors and 14 font styles.

Add Unique Style to Your Vintage-Inspired Wedding with These Charming Birdcage Tealight Holders

If you are preparing for a chic vintage-inspired wedding and you want distinctive decorations and a theme that will reflect your personality, consider these small metal birdcages with suspended tealight holders in your decorations.


Small Metal Birdcage with Suspended Tealight Holder

You may place a charming birdie-topped tealight holder at every table in the reception area. Ask your decorator to accessorize them with faux pearls to complement the design.

A vintage-themed wedding can give you a lot of opportunities to apply your creative ideas to your own celebration. Combine modern and vintage pieces to create a bohemian-inspired dreamy reception. You can also go for classic art-deco pieces and put together a roaring 1920s theme.

Be inspired with lace designs, cushions, charms, trinkets, faux feathers and items in colors like off-white, brown and gold when planning for your vintage-inspired wedding. These small metal birdcages with suspended tealight holders may also hold flowers and garlands. For evening wedding receptions, consider using battery-operated LED tea lights.

Keep Friendships Warm with this Owl Design Metal and Glass Candle Lantern

Candles and candle holders are perfect all-year round gifts. You may offer them at bridal showers, birthdays, or the holidays. You could even give one without an occasion. It can be a suitable ‘Thank You’ or ‘I Miss You’ gift to friends that you haven’t seen in a long while. Candles are decorative and they give a warm and homey ambience to a home. Candles are associated with celebrations and festivities but they also have a calming effect.

If you want to give something out of the ordinary, be generous and give this owl design metal and glass candle lantern:


Owl Design Metal and Glass Candle Lantern

This mini-lantern is made of steel and glass. The front panel features an intricate cut-out owl design while the sides are adorned with glass while the top panel has a vent. This lantern is painted with an ivory color and will add to your warm room décor. Each candle lantern comes packaged in a gift-box finished with an ivory organza bow and a chevron design ‘For You With Love’ hanging tag.

Adorn Your Artisanal Wedding Cake with These Charming Love Birds Cake Picks

At a wedding, the cakes are more than just desserts for the reception. A wedding cake symbolizes a sweet and lasting relationship for the couple. Aside from the flower arrangements and the decorations, a wedding cake is also considered a major attraction in the wedding proceedings.  They also say that a wedding cake is like an exclamation point on the reception and should reflect the style and tastes of the bride and groom.

For a bohemian-themed wedding, these glossy white love birds cake picks are perfect as cake toppers. These days, wedding cakes may be personalized to symbolize the couple’s personalities. Specialty bakeshops can create what they call “artist cakes” that are adorned with different edible elements, icing and sugar flowers. To complete your cake decoration, adorn your cake with these glossy white finish love birds cake picks made of resin.


Glossy White Love Birds Cake Picks (Set of 2)

Interested in a little trivia? Love birds are actually parrots that can spend long periods of time just sitting together. They are common as house pets because of their social and affectionate nature.

Let Romance Flow from Your Lace-Covered Wine Bottles

Lace is silky and elegant. The intricate patterns and the texture of thread in a lace cloth exude sophistication. Lace designs can instantly add romance to your wedding reception. Lace can also be sexy and sweet at the same time.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to incorporate lace designs into any wedding theme. Whether you’re going for vintage, modern or outdoors, lace designs can complement and enhance your decorations and centerpieces.

Check out this cream-colored lace wine bottle cover that may be used to accentuate the wine bottles at your reception. If you are sourcing your wines from different suppliers and if you prefer to serve different kinds of wine to your guests but you want to maintain a uniform, standard look in your decorations, use wine bottle covers and be ready to receive many compliments from your guests.


Cream-Colored Lace Wine Bottle Cover

Go Rustic with Burlap Designs such as these “Eat, Drink and be Married” Burlap Wine Bags

For couples who are considering a rustic or country-inspired wedding theme, you may either use DIY designs and decorations or have a wedding coordinator execute it all for you. It would be practical (and less expensive) to have your friends and family help you with some of the preparations, though.

Backyards and gardens are great for rustic-themed weddings. Or transform a barn into a rustic wedding venue using flowing organza cloth and strands of LED lights with burlap shades.


You might also think about combining burlap with trending chalkboard designs, and use common household items like mason jars and wood crates for accents. Low centerpiece flower arrangements can also add to the rustic look and feel of your wedding decorations. You may also use floral backdrops to make your venue look dreamy or have an overhead decor using lights and lamps.

These Eat, Drink and Be Married Burlap Wine Bags for wine bottles will definitely fit your rustic theme. Accentuate your reception tables and table spreads with wine bottles placed in burlap wine bags printed with the fun sentiment “Eat, Drink and be Married”:

Eat, Drink and Be Married Burlap Wine Bag

Radiant Beveled-Glass Frame with Silver Inlaid Inner Border

These days, wedding celebrations often have photo booths where guests can have their photos taken because souvenir photos make great thank you gifts for your guests. To spruce up the ordinary photo booth and to make your guests’ souvenir photos more special, include a radiant beveled-glass frame with silver inlaid border.


Radiant Beveled-Glass Frame with Silver Inlaid Inner Border

You can have your wedding’s official photographer or the photo booth’s photographer take candid photos of your in-laws, bridesmaids, groomsmen, primary sponsors and special guests. Have the 4” x 6” pictures developed and place them in these beautiful frames, available in your choice of black or white glass. These radiant beveled-glass frames with silver inlaid inner border are not just ordinary frames as they may also double as table number holders at your reception!

Black and Ivory Flourish Favor Boxes for All Occasions

They say that you should not judge a gift by its wrapping but don’t you think that a beautiful box makes a gift extra special? For example, for my last birthday, my boyfriend gave me a pair of pearl earrings (I love pearls!) in clear plastic that destroyed any element of surprise. My sister, on the other hand, gave me a fancy hair clip in an elegant red and gold box and I had a great time unwrapping it. To this day, the box is still in my drawer holding that hairclip and more.

This story is partly the reason why I keep a handful of these Black and Ivory Flourish Favor Boxes at home. It helps to keep things in perspective when buying gifts because I only buy small gifts that can fit in these elegant boxes. They never fail to make the recipient feel excited about opening her gift! And they’re great for spiffing up the place settings at a bridal shower or your wedding reception.


Black and Ivory Flourish Favor Boxes



Jazz Up Your Event’s Candy Buffet with Personalized Cocktail Shaker Favors

Planning a child’s birthday party or another celebratory event such as a baby shower? Consider adding a candy buffet to please the young and old alike.  Almost everyone likes sweets and you can make the candy buffet the centerpiece of your decorations instead of a cupcake tower or a chocolate fondue.

Plus, it is so easy to setup that even the little ones can do it with minor supervision. You can buy bags of candies at bulk prices and just put them in shallow bowls, pails, mason jars, or any container you have at home. You can even buy a few of these colorful Personalized Cocktail Shaker Favors  so your sweet-toothed guests can take home these delicious souvenirs that are a great alternative to the traditional goodie bags.  And you get to personalize them with three lines of your own custom text!


Personalized Cocktail Shaker Favors (18 Colors)

A fun final reminder – make sure you buy a good assortment of candies so no one would feel left out. Some poor toddler might throw a tantrum if they do not find their favorite candy on the table.

Stainless Steel Lanterns with Stylish Glass Panels for Every Occasion

One of my simple pleasures in life is eating dinner under the stars with a few candles adding a magical hue to the evening. I would usually just put a candle with a coaster underneath to keep the melted wax from coming into contact with the table.  Not really ideal since the wax tends to spill over the coaster and stick to the wood.

It occurred to me that the solution to my “little problem“ is these Stainless Steel Lanterns with Stylish Glass Panels. The glass panels will keep the candles burning on a windy night. They are really pretty and make a nice centerpiece on the table when not in use. They also make great centerpieces at an outdoor country or beachside wedding reception.


Stainless Steel Lantern with Stylish Glass Panels

If you are worried about ruining these lanterns with the smoke of real candles, you can always use flameless battery-operated LED tea-lights instead. They would look just as good as real burning candles without leaving marks on the stainless steel.