Give a Unique Wedding Gift with a “Bless This Home” Personalized Canvas Print

Looking for a wedding gift? Consider giving the about-to-be newlywed couple a Bless This Home Personalized Canvas Print. Think about it. Most guests usually think of small kitchen appliances, dinnerware and flatware as wedding gifts. Thus, many couples usually end up with two sets of dinner plates, several blenders, and the odd gravy boat. But very few would are thoughtful enough to give a piece of wall décor. So by giving this family name canvas print, you are actually offering a unique, personalized gift that the couple can use to make their new home beautiful.

Bless This Home Personalized Canvas Print

This gift can hang on the wall in the foyer or sit atop a mantle in the living room.  As a friend of the couple, I am sure you will be delighted to see your gift displayed in their home when you come over for a visit.

Cute Personalized Suitcase Tins as Destination Gathering Giveaways

Suitcase tins are so cute as favors for many events. They’re charming whether you’re going to give them out for a going-away party or as a destination wedding or other gathering favors. You can fill up these cases with Tic-Tacs and other tiny treats that your guests may enjoy. Thinking of stuffing these metal cases with Altoids? Sure. Tiny pieces of chocolate? Fill away!


A Trail of Great Memories Personalizable Suitcase Tins


Another idea is that our A Trail of Great Memories Personalizable Suitcase Tins are perfect for a party you throw for friends or family who have an upcoming trip to Europe or Asia. Or maybe you’re moving away for a great work opportunity overseas. Or maybe you’re planning a get-together with friends with wanderlust who love to travel. This is a great trinket with which to punctuate your gathering. Here’s to creating great gatherings, and complementing them with fun party favors!

Versatile Favors: Silkscreened Glassware Collection Personalized 10 oz Handy Glass Mugs

If you have a circle of coffee-loving friends, and they’re all coming to your wedding (or other celebration), a set of these Silkscreened Glassware Collection Personalized 10 oz Handy Glass Mugs would be great for them to take home as wedding favors.

These mugs can handle both hot and cold beverages, so they’re rather versatile. You may also have them personalized with your choice of dozens of fun graphics and three lines of your custom text, so that your guests will remember your event every time they drink coffee, tea, hot cocoa, a power shake, or even juice drinks.

You may even give the mugs to your guests with a twist: serve your beverages or refreshments right from the mugs! Or you may have custom-made desserts such as panna cotta, jelly, mug cakes, or mousse-type desserts served right from the mugs. Then let your guests know that they could bring the mugs home. Creative, right? Have a fun wedding, with equally fun wedding favors!


Silkscreened Glassware Collection Personalized 10 oz. Handy Glass Mugs



Black and Ivory Flourish Favor Boxes for All Occasions

They say that you should not judge a gift by its wrapping but don’t you think that a beautiful box makes a gift extra special? For example, for my last birthday, my boyfriend gave me a pair of pearl earrings (I love pearls!) in clear plastic that destroyed any element of surprise. My sister, on the other hand, gave me a fancy hair clip in an elegant red and gold box and I had a great time unwrapping it. To this day, the box is still in my drawer holding that hairclip and more.

This story is partly the reason why I keep a handful of these Black and Ivory Flourish Favor Boxes at home. It helps to keep things in perspective when buying gifts because I only buy small gifts that can fit in these elegant boxes. They never fail to make the recipient feel excited about opening her gift! And they’re great for spiffing up the place settings at a bridal shower or your wedding reception.


Black and Ivory Flourish Favor Boxes



Jazz Up Your Event’s Candy Buffet with Personalized Cocktail Shaker Favors

Planning a child’s birthday party or another celebratory event such as a baby shower? Consider adding a candy buffet to please the young and old alike.  Almost everyone likes sweets and you can make the candy buffet the centerpiece of your decorations instead of a cupcake tower or a chocolate fondue.

Plus, it is so easy to setup that even the little ones can do it with minor supervision. You can buy bags of candies at bulk prices and just put them in shallow bowls, pails, mason jars, or any container you have at home. You can even buy a few of these colorful Personalized Cocktail Shaker Favors  so your sweet-toothed guests can take home these delicious souvenirs that are a great alternative to the traditional goodie bags.  And you get to personalize them with three lines of your own custom text!


Personalized Cocktail Shaker Favors (18 Colors)

A fun final reminder – make sure you buy a good assortment of candies so no one would feel left out. Some poor toddler might throw a tantrum if they do not find their favorite candy on the table.