A Unique Alternative to the Traditional Guest Book: Large Natural Guest Signing Stones

Part of the memories created in a wedding includes the mementoes for your guests to leave their mark. This is why a guest book should always be a part of your wedding day accessories. A creative way to let your guests leave their mark on your momentous event is in the form of notes and signatures written on these beautiful, creative large natural guest signing stones:

Large Natural Guest Signing Stones (Package of 15-20 Stones)

Large Natural Guest Signing Stones (Package of 15-20 Stones)

A very unique alternative way to have your guests sign their notes and their well-wishes, these guest signing stones will certainly add an interesting facet to your wedding.

But please take note, these signing stones will require you to use a permanent marker with medium or fine point. We suggest getting your favorite colors, instead of just the standard black! If you could find metallic colors, they’re great, as well.

You don’t need to stick to traditional ways and details for your wedding. With creative alternatives like these signing stones, you have unique options how to keep the memories of one of the most important events in your life. Here’s to you and your future spouse! Best wishes!


A Guest Book & Pen Set with a Hint of the Sea: Our Coastal Seashell Guest Book & Pen Set

A guest book and pen set is an integral part of a wedding and the celebrations surrounding it. It is a way for the bride and groom to collect kind thoughts and well wishes from the ones they love. The friends and family you choose to attend the most important celebration in your life are offered a way to share and record how happy they feel for the newlyweds, as well as the good things they want for the couple.

A great guest book option is this lovely Coastal Seashell Guest Book and Pen Set. Perfect for a seaside or beach-themed wedding, this guest book will blend right in with your beach-inspired details. If your wedding will be held indoors, but you’re adding elements that remind you of the sand and the sea, this will be perfect for your motif.

Coastal Seashell Guest Book and Pen Set

Coastal Seashell Guest Book and Pen Set

Guest books are treasure troves of memories. Encourage your guests to leave their best wishes and notes of advice in this stylish guest book and pen set that hints of the sea.


Add Cheer to Any Celebration with Our Cheers! Glitter Coasters

As you celebrate one of the happiest days of your life, it would be great to see a lot of reminders to eat, drink, and be merry. One of the happier tiny reminders to do just that is this set of Cheers! Glitter Coasters: With the word “CHEERS!” happily splashed across the middle of each coaster, it’s a subtle signal for you and your guests to enjoy the celebration of your special day.


Cheers! Glitter Coasters (Package of 25)

Beyond celebrating a wedding party, this set of coasters will also add cheer to any other happy get together. Whether it’s a birthday, a bridal shower, or holiday party, these glittery coasters will be great details and accessories to complete the party setting. With 25 of these fun coasters distributed around a party for your guests to use with their drink glasses, your party will never run out of reminders to celebrate, be merry and be in good cheer!


A Touch of the Beach with a Beautiful Seashore-Themed Tealight Holder

If you’re looking to create the perfect seaside wedding, to add a hint of the beach to an indoor wedding reception, to complement a beach party, or to generally bring a hint of the big blue sea to brighten up a table setting, the perfect décor accessory is this Beautiful Seashore-Themed Tealight Holder , which features nature’s underwater beauty complete with a starfish, sea-shell and gracefully flowing sea kelp. It’s perfect for adding warm lighting to a beach wedding reception or even a simple dinner at home, and the beach-inspired details will add relaxing reminders that take your imagination to a pleasant getaway.


Beautiful Seashore-Themed Tealight Holder

Also perfect as gifts, these votive holders will delight beach lovers and fans of ornate candle holders, too. They’re great to use as the lighting for a candlelit dinner for date night, and if you’re thinking of sending your guests home with these, they’re perfect for married couples who work on keeping their love alive with regular date nights. That touch of beach-inspired beauty will always be yours with this seashore-themed tealight holder!