Give Lots of X’s & O’s (“Hugs and Kisses”) this Holiday Season

The holiday season can be overwhelming, with all the shopping and errands you need to do and all the parties you’ll be going to. If you’re stuck with a stock of mugs, pens and notepads and other giveaways that you weren’t able to “dispose of” during the previous holidays, it’s time to look for other instant favors.

If you are in a rush and planning a holiday party, better get a dozen or more of these XO (shorthand for “Hugs and Kisses”) design bottle openers — adorable favors that anyone will enjoy receiving.


FashionCraft XO Design Bottle Opener

This elegant bottle opener is made with sturdy metal with a chrome finish. The opener is artfully designed inside the letter O while the letter X serves as a handle for good grip. Each bottle opener comes packaged in a coordinating designer gift-box with a display window and XO motif in silver, finished with a white organza bow and a “For You” hanging tag.

Elegant Grapes Motif Bamboo Cheese Board with Wine and Cheese Tools

Fine and elegant gifts are even more appreciated if they reflect the personality and lifestyle of the gift’s recipient. Successful people like to indulge in only the best choices of food, wine and other elements of leisure. If you are looking for a classy, yet affordable gift for your work colleagues, your clients or business associates, get this two-toned cheese board made with bamboo wood.

This grapes motif cheese board by Picnic Time swivels open to reveal tools that are suitable for a wine and cheese party. Each set comes with a bottle opener, a stainless-steel waiter-style corkscrew, and a fork-tipped cheese knife that can be conveniently used to cut cheese into bite pieces. The cutting board surface measures 62 square inches.


Grapes Motif Bamboo Cheese Board with Wine and Cheese Tools

A Thoughtful Religious Celebration Favor: “Blessings” Scented Cross-Shaped Soap

The Cross is an indelible symbol of Christianity, and is widely used in Catholic celebrations. Some other churches and denominations also appreciate crosses as symbolic gifts, so whether it’s a baptism, a Christening, or another religiously-themed celebration, this “Blessings” Scented Cross-Shaped Soap will be a much appreciated favor.


Baptisms count as one of the most important ceremonies and sacraments in the Christian faith, so this token would be a great “thank you for coming” gift. These soaps could also be great as Christmas gifts for religious relatives, or even as wedding favors at a Catholic wedding. Aside from these celebrations, the First Communion, Confirmations, and other celebrations involving Catholic sacraments are also great moments where these beautiful, simple, fragrant soaps could feature as take-home favors. Each cross-shaped soap comes packaged in an attractive coordinating cross-themed gift-box finished with a satin ribbon and a “For You” tag. You may also consider presenting them in organza gift bags.

Fun Party Take-Home Favors: Silkscreened Glassware Collection Personalized Flared Shot Glasses

The holiday season is here, and we’re gearing up for parties across the globe. From Christmas to New Years’ Eve it’s a festive season up ahead, and you must be thinking of the best party favors to complement the parties you’re throwing.

A great idea would be these Silkscreened Glassware Collection Personalized Flared Shot Glasses. They are cute, and when personalized with your choice of over 120 design icons (in your choice of 14 ink colors), you may add your celebration’s details to make them even more memorable for you and your guests.

Silkscreened Glassware Collection Personalized Shot Glasses

Here are ideas on how to incorporate these personalized shot glasses into your event:

• At the end of the dinner, you can use the glasses for a bourbon shot session, or if you prefer another type of distilled spirit, like vodka or tequila, these are great, too.

• You may even use them to serve desserts. Panna cotta is great served in tiny containers, and these shot glasses are perfect for that.

After your guests enjoy your shots or treats, they’ll love being able to take the shot glasses home as a souvenir of the fun times!

Quality Personalized Glassware for Your Holiday Gifts That They’ll Use for Years to Come

The holidays and year-end is usually the season for parties, benefit lunches, formal dinners, family get-togethers and reunions. Many couples also schedule their weddings during the month of December. In fact, more couples choose a December wedding date rather than the mid-year June season. After an entire, long year of activities, work and day-to-day, it is during the end-of-the year that people want to celebrate, eat, drink and be merry.

Take care of your holiday party and gift needs this year by stocking up on the best personalized glassware from Cathy’s Concepts. Visit our New Arrivals section to see a wide array of personalized decanters and quality sets of glasses specifically made for beer, wine or whiskey.

Indulge the wine connoisseur with this personalized aerating wine decanter, which can hold up to 30 oz. of liquor or an entire bottle of wine — it has a contemporary curved design and a built-in aerator:


Cathy’s Concepts Personalized 30 oz. Aerating Wine Decanter

A wine aerator is a pour-through device that is used to increase oxygen exposure (or “aerate”) wines. According to Wine Enthusiast, “aerating young and bold wines can help soft tannins while aerating older and vintage red wines can unleash aromas.” To make your gift more personalized, you may engrave the decanter with a single initial set in modern font.

This personalized novelty extra-large wine glass is much larger than your standard wine glass. In fact, the XL glass wine can hold an entire bottle of wine! This glass can be a special personalized gift or a conversation piece in your wine bar or at your party reception.  You may have the terrific XL glass wine engraved with a single block initial inside a circle design or three lines of custom text.


Personalized 25 oz. Novelty XL Wine Glass

Don’t let your party be a bore — be sure to bring out the chilled bottles of beer during your next celebration or get-together. Make your party even more exciting with this novelty extra-large beer pilsner glass. This oversized beer glass can hold 54 ounces of your favorite of brew. Your drinking buddies will be more than happy to receive one of these for Christmas.


Personalized 54 oz. Novelty XL Beer Pilsner Glass

Whiskey drinkers will be delighted with this personalized square decanter and whiskey glasses set. Each set comes with a heavy-weight, classic square decanter with a glass domed stopper and four round whiskey glasses.


Personalized Square Decanter & Whiskey Glasses Set (Set of 5)

Both the decanter and the glasses may be engraved with a single block initial. Choose the whole set or you may go for just the personalized square whiskey decanter, your choice.

Of course you can mix and match the glassware to create the perfect set for you and your friends. Purchase the combo of the extra-large pilsner beer glass with the extra-large wine glass (at a discount from buying them separately!) and have each engraved with a single block initial or three lines of custom text.


Personalized Novelty Custom Text Lines XL Beer & Wine Glass Set


Personalized Favors Help You Enjoy the Season of Merriment Bonding with Family and Friends

Parties are always fun from beginning to end. The fun starts in the planning stage when you collect ideas for possible themes. Organizing a party, an event or a celebration can be a fun and fulfilling bonding activity that can nurture relationships.

Ensure that the food and refreshments are taken care of ahead of time. A candy buffet, dessert table or spread will make your party extra special. Prepare the guest list and invitations. If you’re up for more entertainment, you can invite a local band to entertain guests or you can set up a karaoke and let the guests sing to their hearts’ content.

Parties are not complete without goodie bags and giveaways. Be sure you have favors for guests, such as these Match Your Theme Personalized Mint Boxes, which may be customized for any occasion. There are dozens of designs to choose from – weddings, birthdays, graduations, showers and anniversaries.


Match Your Theme Personalized Mint Boxes

Don’t stress yourself when preparing for a party. Consider it a time for bonding with the people you care about. If you have a full team cooperating and helping you, everything will turn out fine. You might even be surprised that your party is as good and well put as one that is organized by a professional party and event organizer.

Keep Friendships Warm with this Owl Design Metal and Glass Candle Lantern

Candles and candle holders are perfect all-year round gifts. You may offer them at bridal showers, birthdays, or the holidays. You could even give one without an occasion. It can be a suitable ‘Thank You’ or ‘I Miss You’ gift to friends that you haven’t seen in a long while. Candles are decorative and they give a warm and homey ambience to a home. Candles are associated with celebrations and festivities but they also have a calming effect.

If you want to give something out of the ordinary, be generous and give this owl design metal and glass candle lantern:


Owl Design Metal and Glass Candle Lantern

This mini-lantern is made of steel and glass. The front panel features an intricate cut-out owl design while the sides are adorned with glass while the top panel has a vent. This lantern is painted with an ivory color and will add to your warm room décor. Each candle lantern comes packaged in a gift-box finished with an ivory organza bow and a chevron design ‘For You With Love’ hanging tag.

Eat, Drink and Be Scary with this Halloween Decorations Party Kit

Halloween is fast approaching, so if you’re planning to organize a potluck get together at your home or community center, start looking for costumes and preparing treats. A costume party is a fun way to celebrate Halloween. You can ask guests to come in their favorite superhero costumes or you can host a house full of zombies if you want to take your celebration to the next level.

There also so many recipes of easy Halloween treats that you can prepare at home, like Graveyard Cupcakes (chocolate cupcakes with tombstones set in fondant), or a Bloody Vampire Float (a cocktail of grape juice and raspberry sorbet). You can also make sandwiches, cookies, pies and decorate them with the classic orange-black Halloween color combination. Creativity is the key to success for a fun and spooky Halloween Party.

To make your party complete, order this Spooky Halloween Decorations Party Kit. This party kit that is fit for a buffet table features Halloween designs that kids and young at hearts alike will enjoy. The kit contains a party pennant banner with nine triangle pennants (with Boo, Happy Halloween and Scary Pumpkin designs); a party sign, striped straws for drinks; and Halloween-themed cupcake wrappers, toppers and decorative stickers.


Classic Halloween Decorations Party Kit

Start Your Christmas Shopping with Glass Globe Holders with Reflective Lace Pattern

The first of the “-Ber” months is just ending, and before you know it, Christmas-time will be here already. Don’t be caught up in the stressful holiday rush — plan your holiday shopping ahead of time. Better yet, stock up on gifts and holiday favors that you can easily give away during season’s greetings parties, get-togethers and reunions with family and friends.

These glass globe holders with reflective lace pattern design will make great holiday presents. Each of these globe holders can be used as a candle holder or as a decorative accent to your Christmas centerpiece.


Large Glass Globe Holders with Reflective Lace Pattern

These candle holders are very giftable. They also complement the colors of the yuletide season, so they will be perfect as Christmas time decorations.

Each glass globe has a reflective lace design that exudes elegance. They can be mixed and matched with other Christmas decor. Put Christmas candles, pines and other accents in them. Choose from any of the four colors available — daiquiri green, lavender, peach and silver. Or better yet, give them away as a set.

Spill Protection with an Attitude: Eat Drink and Celebrate Glitter Coasters

A great party isn’t complete without free-flowing drinks. Whatever celebration it is, when drinks are involved, avoid mood-killers or party-poopers by adding accessories like coasters to protect tabletops from condensation and the rare spill.

If cute designs are chosen, they add a little bit of fun to a party. Take these Eat Drink and Celebrate Glitter Coasters, for example. They are not only cute, but they also remind guests and hosts alike what the party is for: To “Eat, Drink & Celebrate,” which is printed in black glitter ink on the sturdy paper-board coasters.


Eat Drink & Celebrate Glitter Coasters

The touch of glitter makes these coasters perfect for any type of party: a wedding reception, a quinceañera or Sweet 16 birthday party, a going-away party, or even regular tea and club parties. It’s a great detail to add to occasions, both formal and casual, because of its simple, elegant, yet sassy, design.