Send Your Guests Home with Wine or Other Goodies in a Leaf Monogram Burlap Wine Bag

If you’re serving wine to your guests, a great way to stylishly set it on tables would be to wrap each bottle of wine with a Leaf Monogram Burlap Wine Bag. It will then look great and presentable as a table centerpiece. If there is a wine ceremony or other such formalities, the wine bottles will look even more elegant.


Leaf Monogram Burlap Wine Bag


Likewise, if you’re also planning to send your guests home with a bottle of wine, this is a great way to package that bottle of wine. And if you’re thinking of repurposing these for packing your wedding favors, this is definitely perfect for packing larger trinkets and goodies. This item can definitely be the perfect personalized goody bag! It’s perfect for storing an assortment of items. If you’re thinking of a necessities-themed goody bag, this will perfectly carry travel-sized soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, and miniature hand lotion and shampoo bottles. Send your guests home with a travel kit for their next trip. A bag such as this is truly versatile, and the possibilities are endless!

Personalized Chalkboard-Style ‘Oh Happy Day’ Aluminum Water Bottle Makes a Unique Bridesmaid Gift

If you are a sporty couple who want to showcase your love for being active, or you just want to provide a bridal shower favor or bridesmaid gift that can be used over and over, consider our Chalkboard-Style Oh Happy Day Aluminum Water Bottle:


Personalized Chalkboard-Style Oh Happy Day Aluminum Water Bottle

While the price tag may be a little too steep for a wedding favor, you can use this for a bridal shower favor when your guest list is limited to 20 or fewer guests. If you’re talking a larger shower, then the personalized water bottles would be very welcomed bridesmaids gifts, of course.

Aside from weddings and showers, this party favor is also great for other events, such as corporate team building activities, charities, or even a club mountain trekking or camping trip. You get to personalize them with each of the recipients’ three initials. Indeed, this is a versatile favor option!

Accent Your Wedding Favors with Ivory Vintage Floral Favor Cards

We often talk about how packaging matters, especially for gifts and wedding favors on this blog. Today, we’ll talk about one more detail that will make a difference for how you present your wedding favors to your guests: The use of gift/thank you tags such as this beautiful set of Ivory Vintage Floral Favor Cards.

Ivory Vintage Floral Favor Cards (Package of 25)

Details such as these can make a complete difference: it sets your wedding apart by showing how the wedding organizers, including the bride, took care of every little detail. Plus, if you’re having a vintage-themed wedding, these cards will fit right in.

Another purpose that the gift tags serve is to communicate to your guests that you’re glad they came and took part in your wedding. Beyond witnessing your joy, it’s their presence that we know you value most … so these tags actually spell it out by saying “Thank You for Sharing Our Special Day.” A complementary detail such as this will certainly impress your guests!

Personalized Kraft Cupcake Boxes Are An Eye-Catching Favor Packaging Option

When it comes to giving away the best wedding favors, a key component of the gift-giving is in wrapping the favors in an attractive package. Here are some packaging ideas for you to consider:

Whether you make the packaging yourself, or you order from a wedding favor or crafts store, the key is to make the design unique and interesting. When the design is eye-catching your guests will appreciate the thought you put into your favors … even into the packaging.

As for the cupcake boxes we offer, these are very versatile packaging materials that go beyond housing cupcakes: You may also pack pocket-sized wedding favors such as bottle openers, key chains, candles, travel-sized soap, and other trinkets in a beautiful, personalized Kraft cupcake box. These are available through our store, and they may be personalized with your choice of 36 designs in 28 foil colors and your custom message in your choice of 14 lettering styles .. so you can customize them to your heart’s content!


Personalized Kraft Two-Piece Cupcake Boxes (Package of 25)


Keeping Your Toasting Ceremony Stylish with Personalized Vineyard Motif Wine Carafes

The wine or toasting ceremony counts as one of the more important festivities within a wedding reception. It is when friends and family can toast and celebrate the bride and groom for finally being joined together in holy matrimony.

Because it is an important component within the festivities, it would then make the wine ceremony more memorable if the utensils you use are ornate, elegant, and downright beautiful. We suggest that you choose beautifully-designed, intricate wine glasses for the bride and groom’s toast. And for the wine that you’ll serve to the guests for the ceremony, it would be a splendid idea to use these Personalized Vineyard Motif Wine Carafes.


Personalized Vineyard Motif Wine Carafes (Set of 2)

If you also plan to serve free-flowing wine, the carafes are a great, stylish way to decant the wine for your guests, who will love taking them home for future use.

You don’t have to compromise style and elegance for your wedding. Simple details such as the carafes from which you decant and pour your wine, will spell the difference between “meh” and “wow” for your wedding reception.

Complete Your Cherry Blossom-Themed Wedding with Cherry Blossom Design Single Use Cameras

Weddings are really all about a bride’s expression of her personal taste and creativity. If you’re a bride on the lookout for great wedding theme ideas, how about starting with floral motifs? Flowers are the best symbol of a woman’s femininity. It shows their gentle, delicate, and elegant side and, depending on the type of flower and its color, different themes may be expressed and varying impressions could be evoked.

If you want to capture a feel of delicate elegance, Cherry Blossoms would be a great flower to build your spring wedding theme around. These flowers are significant in Japan where families come out and enjoy watching them bloom. They say that Cherry Blossoms are a reminder that life is beautiful yet fragile: we must enjoy it as we can.

These Cherry Blossom Design Single Use Camera Wedding Favors will be favors that match your beautiful floral theme and make for a truly memorable cherry blossom wedding!


Cherry Blossom Design Single Use Camera Wedding Favor


Complete Your Little Princess’ Quinceañera with This Beautiful Mis Quince Años Crystal Tiara

The Quinceañera is an important celebration for a Latin American teen and her family. It marks her coming-of-age, as well as her introduction to “polite society.” So for families who are looking to celebrate their daughters’ Quinceañera, it is but fitting to ensure that the party is complete from the dress to the accessories, the cake, the décor … no detail should be missed for their precious daughter’s milestone.

We suggest that you complement your daughter’s Quinceañera look with this beautiful Mis Quince Años Crystal Tiara, which is adorned with shimmering clear crystals, including six beautiful teardrop-shaped stones. To emphasize the celebration of your daughter’s 15th birthday, a beautiful “15”-shaped adornment of crystals is set in the middle of the tiara.


Mis Quince Años Crystal Tiara


Let your little girl feel like a princess blossoming into a woman with this tiara, which will truly complement her Quinceañera celebration. Don’t forget to let her choose the perfect colorful dress to go with her look, too!