Make Your Event Even More Special with “Choose Your Theme“ Personalized Candy Wrapper Covers

They say chocolates are lifesavers in bar form. Old and young people alike love all kinds of chocolate. It doesn’t matter if its milk, dark, with almonds or peanuts, flavored, or even gourmet, chocolates are just irresistible. Hands down, you can’t just go wrong with chocolates.

As for party favors that are easy to make but are special and personalized, why not give away chocolate bars packaged in these ”Choose Your Theme” Personalized Candy Wrapper Covers.  You can have personalized chocolate bars ready for any occasion — birthdays, graduation, reunions, and even weddings.  Ain’t that the sweetest thing?


“Choose Your Theme” Personalized Candy Wrapper Covers

Beautiful Beaded Toasting Glasses to Make Your Special Day Extra-Special

A very important part of the wedding reception’s program is when the bride and groom make a toast to their union. In order to make the moment extra-special, you should use something ornate to make the toast stand out. Something like these beautiful Beaded Toasting Glasses, which are a great way to celebrate your day. These beaded glasses are perfect for such a moment. They are not just ornate, but also beautiful, regal, and elegant. Nothing fits such a symbolic, commemorative moment more than these glasses.

Beautiful Beaded Toasting Glasses (Set of 2)

For the men out there, you could also use these glasses for the night you propose. You can order a set of these then ask your caterer or the staff at the restaurant where you’re planning to do the proposal to use these glasses instead of what they have. This would make the moment extra-special, and you and your soon-to-be wife should totally use these during date nights. Whatever special occasion you choose to use these toasting glasses with, they will always add a touch of style and glamour. Best wishes!


Cute Owlet Tealights for Adorable Baby Shower Favors

Thinking of something different to bring to a baby shower?

Baby bottles and cloth diapers are the most common choices because they are economical and easy to find. Babies need a lot of stuff so it’s likely that a couple or more baby shower guests will choose to bring the same bottles, cloth diapers and onesies.

If you’re giving the shower for the mom-to-be and her little bundle of joy give something that can be used in the nursery like decorative frames, plush toys or these cute owlet tealights:


Adorable Colorful Owlets Tealights (Set of 4)

The adorable colorful cowlet tealights come in four colors – orange, light blue, yellow and brown. They are perfect for the shower as take-home favors.

Vineyard Motif Stemless Wine Glasses Offer a Personalized Touch to your Reception

For a personal and intimate touch, serve wine in Personalized Vineyard Motif Stemless Wine Glasses at your wedding reception. Your guests will certainly have a great impression of your wedding when you incorporate touches like this.


Personalized Vineyard Motif Stemless Wine Glasses


Then, after your reception, you can let your guests take the glasses home. Wouldn’t that be killing two birds with one stone? Or you may want to send the wedding party home with a bottle of wine and one or two of these stemless glasses. Those wedding favors would certainly be thoughtful, useful, and not to mention a great reminder of the day they shared with you.

If you’re throwing another kind of event, such as a bridal shower or wedding rehearsal dinner, this would be great to use, as well. Then, if you’re into re-purposing, you may reuse these at your wedding itself. Then, inform your guests that they can take the glasses home if they choose, and if you want to have other wedding favors for them to bring home appoint your event staff to manage the giving-away process for you. Best wishes!