Complete Your Rustic Wedding Look with Personalized Vineyard Motif Burlap Chair Covers

In order to capture the warm ambiance of a rustic-themed wedding, burlap is the iconic material that will complete the look. You could also incorporate other earth-toned material and details, such as pomanders made of burlap and dried leaves, flowers, and twigs. The neutral, earthy colors will evoke a feeling of warmth, and remind the wedding party of home.

It may not be a good idea to cover everything in burlap, however. A maximum of three major details that are in burlap will suffice. For example, if your aisle runners and table runners are in burlap, the last burlap detail you could add would be these personalized vineyard motif burlap chair covers:


Personalized Vineyard Motif Burlap Chair Covers

You could also swap the pictured satin ribbons for hemp or twine. You may also try having burlap seat covers, a burlap aisle runner, and then add the last detail of burlap silverware holders to be subtle and not overdone with burlap overkill. Your ideal rustic wedding awaits!

Mark Your Forever with “Happily Ever After Starts Today” Yard Signs

You may have noticed that most weddings are now veering away from the traditional look and feel. Motifs for weddings in recent years are shifting from the strictly satin-and-lace to rustic, quirky, and even edgy. With the modern times, weddings can go however the couples want. From the vows, down to the mini-ceremonies that make up a wedding ceremony, to the wedding decorations and reception décor, it’s really the couple’s call on the elements that they want to add.

Design is no longer about adherence to traditional aesthetics: It’s all about expressing how the couple feels. It’s all about communicating the celebration of the couple’s love. Whether your outdoor wedding has a rustic or quirky theme, even a vintage theme, these “Happily Ever After Starts Today” yard signs will fit right in:


“Happily Ever After Starts Today” Yard Sign

They provide fun details that will remind the wedding party and the guests that the celebration is the start of happy beginnings for the bride and groom. It may not happen then and there, or overnight, but with lots of hard work driven with love, it can and WILL happen.

Personalized Miniature Candle Tins are Zen and Affordable Party Favors

Dreamy, beautiful, zen. Surely, a bride-to-be would love to throw an angagement party or bridal shower that’s all of those things. Likewise, a teenager who’s looking to mark her “coming of age” (think Quinceanera or Sweet 16 party) may also think of throwing a party that would remind her and her guests of those exact words as well.

However, “dreamy,” “beautiful,” and “zen,” do not have to mean “expensive.” So, given the other details that will be incorporated that may cost a pretty penny, affordable party favors are very welcome indeed. Enter personalized miniature candle tins: they are cute, pretty, quirky, and your guests will be able to use and enjoy them way after the party. Add the fact that they may be personalized with your choice of dozens of fun designs and your custom text, and here we have a perfect party favor!


Personalized Miniature Candle Tins

So whether you’re planning your wedding, throwing a farewell party, or even putting together a coming-of-age party for your teenager, don’t scrimp on the details. You’ll be surprised at how affordable these subtly-scented miniature candles are; yet, they will make your guests feel like you spared no expense to make your event beautiful and memorable.

Simple and Elegant Leaf Monogram Mason Jar Mugs Make Perfect Wedding Party Gifts

When it comes to gifts for your wedding party, many recipients prefer to have something to keep, especially when it comes to take-home wedding favors. As for myself, I’d rather have something I can use, rather than a wedding favor that’ll just gather dust and add to the junk in my desk drawer.

So, if you want to kill two birds with one stone: Give your wedding party (maybe even your guests?!) something they can enjoy at the event and gladly bring home with them. How about sending them off with these leaf monogram mason jar mugs, which will be loved by both your bridesmaids and your groomsmen?


Leaf Monogram Mason Jar Mugs (Set of 2)

Invented by John Landis Mason in 1858, Mason jars are back in style as collectibles and as simple, elegant, and versatile wedding favor containers that can be wedding favors themselves. What type of treat would you like in your mason jar favors?


Showcase Your Unique Style with Personalized Stemless Printed Champagne Flutes

A wedding is not just a couple’s public celebration of their love. It is also a public demonstration that they are crossing over from being single and into a life that is intertwined with each other. More than all of that, however, it is also a couple’s time to shine.

A wedding serves to highlight a couple’s taste and what they value. What better way to showcase your unique style, personal taste and the care you put into your wedding — not to mention how much you care about your guests — than to give your guests tasteful, personalized take-home favors?

One great idea we have found that is popular with guests is personalized stemless printed champagne flutes. As a general rule of thumb, you want to give away wedding favors that not only touch a chord with your guests, but are also something they would be delighted to have, more so use. If you were the wedding guest, wouldn’t you love bringing home one of these personalized flutes?


Personalized Stemless Printed Champagne Flutes

Delightful Personalized Printed Bud Vases For Your Guests to Take Home

When it comes to wedding favors, personalized and usable are two major themes that many brides and grooms have in mind. “Personalized” means that you care. It means that you helped plan your wedding with as much love as possible. And “personalized” shows that not only is the wedding about you, it is also about making sure that your guests will have as great a time as you will, and that they take home a gift to help them commemorate the event and that they’ll be able to use. One great idea that fits these needs perfectly is our delightful personalized printed bud vases:


Delightful Personalized Printed Bud Vases

They may be “personalized” to fit and accentuate your wedding’s theme with your choice of over 30 designs. And they will be “usable” for your guests when they put the bud vases to good use by filling them with decorative pebbles, a budding flower of their choice, or even paper flowers.