Stainless Steel Lanterns with Stylish Glass Panels for Every Occasion

One of my simple pleasures in life is eating dinner under the stars with a few candles adding a magical hue to the evening. I would usually just put a candle with a coaster underneath to keep the melted wax from coming into contact with the table.  Not really ideal since the wax tends to spill over the coaster and stick to the wood.

It occurred to me that the solution to my “little problem“ is these Stainless Steel Lanterns with Stylish Glass Panels. The glass panels will keep the candles burning on a windy night. They are really pretty and make a nice centerpiece on the table when not in use. They also make great centerpieces at an outdoor country or beachside wedding reception.


Stainless Steel Lantern with Stylish Glass Panels

If you are worried about ruining these lanterns with the smoke of real candles, you can always use flameless battery-operated LED tea-lights instead. They would look just as good as real burning candles without leaving marks on the stainless steel.

Charm Your Guests with Fantastic Personalized Mini Mason Jars

Mason jars have been around for decades, but they’ve really started trending in the last few years as an icon of vintage-inspired style. From simple fruit-infused waters to homemade chocolate drink mixes to cakes, mason jars are everywhere and they could be at your wedding too as favors.


Fantastic Personalized Mini Mason Jars (Set of 12)

Imagine rows of Fantastic Personalized Mini Mason Jars sitting on tabletops waiting for your bridesmaids to distribute them to your guests. They could be filled with chocolate candies, nuts or other treats, with personalized labels bearing you and your spouse’s names and the wedding date. Every one of your guests will be delighted to receive their own jar and consume its contents. Some will definitely be ecstatic to add another item to their collection.

A final note: regardless of the theme of your wedding, with the dozens of design, pattern and color combinations available, you can easily customize these mini mason jars to look right at home at your wedding reception, bridal  shower or other celebratory event.

Party On with a Personalized Shamrock Beer Mug

Do you like to have your friends over for barbecues or weekend parties? I do and that is the reason why we always have a stock of red plastic cups at home. But the amount of trash that I have to clean up after is not a pretty sight, so I finally decided to get a dozen of these personalized Shamrock Beer Mugs to reduce waste. They are pretty great and my friends loved it the first time I brought it out for them to use. I also got pretty attached to the mug that I use it almost daily, even just to drink water or juice.

Personalized Shamrock Beer Mug

Personalized Shamrock Beer Mug

And did I mention that you can personalize these mugs? I had mine etched with “Drink On!” but you can have it etched with anything you’d like as long you stay within the 10 character limit. With the personalization option, this would make a great housewarming, groomsmen or St. Patrick’s Day gift.

Celebrate Your Love by Giving Guests Our Choose Your Theme Personalized Flower Seed Packets

They might seem overly simple for some, but seed packets can be great wedding favors, and not only for earth-friendly couples. Celebrate your wedding day by giving away personalized seed packets as tokens for your guests, which they can plant, nurture, and watch grow over the years.

Make these wedding favors even more meaningful by using our Choose Your Theme Personalized Flower Seed Packets with your choice of fun designs, colourful patterns and your special message. Or by choosing your favorite flower, which will remind your guests of you each time they see the blossoms.


Choose Your Theme Personalized Flower Seed Packets


Whether used as a gesture of being earth-friendly, or simply being symbolic, this favor will be a living celebration of your wedding and your marriage.

Spread the Love with Reusable “Love is Sweet” Burlap Favor Bags

Here is a great idea wedding favor for environmentally-conscious couples: burlap favor bags! You can fill them up with homemade goodies for your guests to eat at the reception or you can put small trinkets in them that your guests can enjoy at home.  Aromatic potpourri, scented votives, and bath salts are just some things you can put in these cute reusable bags.

To make your goody bags extra special, you can have them printed with the sentiment that “Love is Sweet” to inspire the guests at your wedding. These Love is Sweet burlap favor bags are perfect for engagement parties, wedding receptions, anniversaries, and other romantic events.


“Love is Sweet” Burlap Favor Bags (Set of 4)


Here is another great idea: insert a note printed on recycled paper in the bag to thank your guests for coming to your wedding. This would save you a lot of time writing and sending Thank You notes when you get back from your honeymoon!

Baroque-Style Picture Frame/Placecard Holder is a Classic Touch and Timeless Piece of Decor

Perhaps one of the least involved parts of planning a wedding is choosing the wedding favors but your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life so you would want your guests to leave with something that will remind them of not only yourself, but the whole occasion as well.


Baroque-Style Picture Frame/Placecard Holder

Let your guests have a piece of your wedding reception to keep. Instead of just using plain place cards, try looking for place card holders that your guests can take home, just like this Baroque-Style Picture Frame Placecard Holder.  This antique-copper-colored mini-frame can be used as a placecard holder at your reception, and serve as a take-home wedding favor afterwards. The Baroque-style will give a classic touch to your décor and serve as a timeless piece for your guests’ precious photos later.