Go Rustic with Burlap Designs such as these “Eat, Drink and be Married” Burlap Wine Bags

For couples who are considering a rustic or country-inspired wedding theme, you may either use DIY designs and decorations or have a wedding coordinator execute it all for you. It would be practical (and less expensive) to have your friends and family help you with some of the preparations, though.

Backyards and gardens are great for rustic-themed weddings. Or transform a barn into a rustic wedding venue using flowing organza cloth and strands of LED lights with burlap shades.


You might also think about combining burlap with trending chalkboard designs, and use common household items like mason jars and wood crates for accents. Low centerpiece flower arrangements can also add to the rustic look and feel of your wedding decorations. You may also use floral backdrops to make your venue look dreamy or have an overhead decor using lights and lamps.

These Eat, Drink and Be Married Burlap Wine Bags for wine bottles will definitely fit your rustic theme. Accentuate your reception tables and table spreads with wine bottles placed in burlap wine bags printed with the fun sentiment “Eat, Drink and be Married”:

Eat, Drink and Be Married Burlap Wine Bag

Show Your Love of the Outdoors with Camouflage Wedding Accessories Collection

If you love the outdoors and you want your wedding ceremony to have a touch of nature, this Camouflage Wedding Accessories Collection will definitely capture your adventurous side.  


Camouflage Wedding Accessories Collection

The set has a guest book and pen set, a flower girl basket, a ring bearer pillow, and a garter. Each item is covered with burlap cloth for a rustic natural look. Burlap is a woven fabric made from the skin of the jute plant or other fibers.  Every item features a design that highlights nature, trees, and other foliage.

It’s a complete set that can be used for your ceremony and is perfectly suited to an outdoor fall wedding. So don’t go looking anywhere else for the perfect accessories. You can have your wedding planner accessorize the items depending on your venue. The guest book has 30 pages that can accommodate approximately 600 signatures.

Complete Your Rustic Wedding Look with Personalized Vineyard Motif Burlap Chair Covers

In order to capture the warm ambiance of a rustic-themed wedding, burlap is the iconic material that will complete the look. You could also incorporate other earth-toned material and details, such as pomanders made of burlap and dried leaves, flowers, and twigs. The neutral, earthy colors will evoke a feeling of warmth, and remind the wedding party of home.

It may not be a good idea to cover everything in burlap, however. A maximum of three major details that are in burlap will suffice. For example, if your aisle runners and table runners are in burlap, the last burlap detail you could add would be these personalized vineyard motif burlap chair covers:


Personalized Vineyard Motif Burlap Chair Covers

You could also swap the pictured satin ribbons for hemp or twine. You may also try having burlap seat covers, a burlap aisle runner, and then add the last detail of burlap silverware holders to be subtle and not overdone with burlap overkill. Your ideal rustic wedding awaits!

Showcase Your Union with a Contemporary Water Ceremony Vase Set

The Unity Candle Ceremony, traditionally used in Catholic weddings, is all about communicating a couple’s love, unity, and oneness. It has since been augmented by the Unity Sand Ceremony … and now the beautiful, expressive Unity Water Ceremony.

Nothing symbolizes complete and total cohesiveness other than the homogeneity of two colored liquids combining to form a new color. While the sand ceremony sees two sands merge into one beautifully-colored sand urn, the Unity Water Ceremony’s perfectly-mixed liquids show a purely inseparable substance.

In fact, it may become a ceremony that’ll take the wedding guests’ breath away. Some ceremony liquids, when combined, form a new, different color. Others even glow! It’s like having a magic show or fireworks display in the midst of your wedding ceremony. Don’t forget to commemorate the celebration with a personalized Water Ceremony Vase Set!


Personalized Water Ceremony Vase Set

The White Rose Kissing Ball: Wedding Decor and Flower Girl Basket Alternative

A pomander is a ball of dried herbs and spices that were originally created to ward off illnesses and bad smells. On the other hand, a kissing ball is a ball of dried plants, especially mistletoe, which was hung during the Christmas season for strangers to have fun and kiss under. Nowadays, kissing balls (or pomanders) are used as decorations in weddings and as an alternative to the traditional flower girl basket.

Kissing balls can be hung as accents in the wedding ceremony or at the wedding reception venue. They can also be carried by flower girls at venues that don’t allow flower petals to be dropped on the floor. A very charming touch to your wedding would be this white rose kissing ball or one of our other kissing balls:


White Rose Kissing Ball

A set of these pomanders are simple, elegant, and unique. As accents, they will add charm to your wedding. And for your flower girls, they are cute and will become a neat keepsake. Go for something different on your wedding day!

Use a Personalized Sand Ceremony Frame to Symbolize the Union of Two Souls

A unity sand ceremony is a contemporary way to show the uniting of two people’s lives and a stylish personalized sand unity frame will make a real impact at your beach engagement party or wedding reception. Weddings are not just about a promise made by two souls to each other, but also about the beautiful memories you share and will cherish throughout your married life. It’s a personalized accessory that adds a personal touch to both outdoor and indoor weddings.

This fascinating personalized sand ceremony photo frame/vase unity set includes a rectangular-shaped frame (that holds a 4” x 6” picture) and two attractive sand-pouring flutes. Even better, the frame may be engraved with your names to make it a cherished keepsake of your special day that your guests will have lasting memories of and that you and your life partner will treasure for many years to come.


Luggage Tags Make Useful Wedding Favors

Luggage tag favors can be out-of-the-ordinary yet useful wedding takeaways for guests. We all tend to mix up our bags, especially when there a lot of them that look-alike. These will be really meaningful favors for guests to take home and use on future trips. There are different ones you can select from or just mix and match. Some very popular ones include these cute flip-flop luggage tags, which would be great favors for a beach wedding:


… and these delightful baby-owl-shaped luggage tags:


… and these nautical-themed anchor-shaped tags, perfect favors for a wedding cruise:


Your guests will find it easy to attach these practical wedding favors to their luggage and will really appreciate their utility. These tags will not only help them find their luggage with ease but they will also cherish the memories of your wedding each time they tie the tags to their travel bags.

Coaster Sets Are a Unique Way to Thank Your Guests

Coaster sets are practical wedding favors, something your guests will treasure for years to come. These coasters for wedding favors come in personalized and elegant designs to match your wedding theme. Your guests will fondly remember those special and fun moments at your wedding while having a glass of wine and putting down their glass safely on their take-home gift of coasters. Most of our coaster sets come packaged in clear gift-boxes with thank you tags to make the favors complete. You can choose from these trending chalkboard coasters that are markable:

… to a shimmering snowflake design for a winter wedding:

… or these classic hampton links design glass coasters for a spring or summer wedding:


Coasters will make your favors stand out from the usual because they’re something your guests will use in their everyday life. Another idea would be to use them on your reception tables; guests will surely admire their beauty and usefulness for serving dishes or as part of a centerpiece.

Personalized Aisle Runners Are Now Available

We now have a variety of personalized aisle runners available in our store. Whether you are looking for a design that incorporates your initials, your names, the wedding day, or a unique design that your guests are sure to remember, our aisle runners make an impact and are a keepsake that you and your new partner will cherish for years to come.

Here are some of the personalized aisle runners we currently have available. Prices start at $34 and all the runners are currently under $100.

9423-P-VM  9301-P-LB

Whether your wedding theme is modern, vintage, or even an outdoor wedding, one of our aisle runners is sure to fit the bill. Along with choosing your favorite design, you can also customize the design, the accent color, the fabric, and graphic placement for most of our selections.

Wedding Trend Spotter: Chalkboard Decor

Another unique trend that is popping up all over wedding blogs and Pinterest profiles is chalkboards as a decor or art piece. On the whole, chalk blackboards can be a great medium for sentiments, quotes, menu signs, greetings, and special messages for almost any event (not just weddings).


Another great example of a chalkboard wedding sign that’s a unique touch at your wedding is a large program that guests can view before taking their seats. This would be easy to make with a large frame, plywood and chalkboard paint:


This chalkboard drink sign makes it easy to change during the event and also gives the beverage table a whimsical touch:


Finally, our online wedding store offers a wide variety of chalkboard accessories and other rustic wedding items to carry out this fun art medium throughout your special day: