Trendy Flower-Topped Favor Boxes

As they say, it’s all about the packaging and presentation. You’ll love these cute flower topped favor boxes for a garden wedding reception, baby shower, birthday or any outdoor celebration, for that matter. They’re sure to add some colorful vibrancy to your guest tables. You can also play around with colors to suit your taste as colors can be customized for both the flower top and boxes. Complete the presentation with personalized labels on the front.

Choose from these classic daisy-topped boxes:


… to these favor boxes with romantic faux Victorian roses atop:


… to these fun shabby chic flower-topped boxes:


Fill up these beautiful custom favor boxes with some delicious Hershey’s Kisses, mints, or other sweets of your choice. It can be a good idea to have them all set up on a tray for guests to pick them up. Celebrate your special occasion with this great fusion of elegance and sweetness.

Frosted Votive Holders Make Glowing Wedding Decorations and Favors

Illuminate your wedding reception and add a unique style to the decor with these classic frosted votive holders. They’re a great way to build romantic ambience for your special day. You can place them on your guests’ tables. These frosted votive holders will do their little magic and fill the place with a warm glow, creating softer lighting perfect for your event.

You can choose from several designs we offer, like these votive holders that are markable with chalk … perfect for a rustic wedding:

… or these fantastic vintage lace design votive holders:


 … or these trending Xs & Os design votives that are great for spreading the love:


Votives make wonderful wedding favors for your guests to take home and liven up their space. Guests can place these frosted votive holders on a coffee table, by the tub or a patio table. Intricately designed, they will spruce up the decor of anyplace while adding warm light.

Classic Wedding Favors for the Kitchen & Table

These unique ceramic fleur-de-lis salt and pepper shakers are sure to shake up things in your guests’ kitchen and add the right amount of taste to a meal. They are stunning and represent Lily flowers, which are known as fleur-de-lis in French. Lily flowers have long been a perfect choice for bridal bouquets and are classic and timeless.


They can be perfect additions to the dinner tables at the reception and also as take-home wedding favors for the guests. The wedding will be happily remembered by your guests when they add these shakers to their kitchen and table accessories. They are one of the many favors which can prove to be useful for the guests, instead of only commemorating an event. It’s a nice fusion of style and practicality and a gift that your guests will surely admire. And you can personalize the clear gift-boxes with our wide selection of personalized labels for the wedding or other celeberations.

Engraved Glass Jewelry Boxes Make Beautiful Bridesmaids Gifts

When it comes to a bridesmaid gift, brides often look for something that will be praised by their attendants, reminds them of their wedding moments in the years to come, and is distinctive yet also useful. An engraved glass jewelry box can be the perfect gift.

Whether it’s earrings, a charm bracelet, a necklace or a designer adornment, these Engraved glass jewelry boxes have ample space to fit all your jewelry pieces. This jewelry box has an elegant design with a beaded-edge lid and is the perfect place to keep your collection of jewelry as the clear glass sides bring out the beauty of the baubles inside the box.


Another design with glass sides, an antiqued-metal frame and black velvet lining is available in your choice of square or rectangular shape. These are ideal gifts for your wedding party and you can’t really go wrong with their elegant design and style appeal.


Better yet, the jewelry boxes can be customized with a name, initials or trending diamond monograms giving them a personal touch, something the recipient will truly appreciate.

Damask Place Card Holders Are Perfect Companions for Your Black & White Wedding

Place card holders can be a useful multipurpose wedding favor. These little pieces are wonderful wedding accents that will help your guests get to their tables. These damask-design place card holders are aesthetically designed with black and white styling accents and decorative patterns. The design is subtle and yet makes an impact; damask is a classic signature design for bridal wear and accessories making it the right choice for your black and white wedding theme.


Planning a reception dinner or party with open seating? These place card holders can be a perfect addition to add to the table décor along with some candles or paired with these damask picture frame/place card holders. Your guests would be pleased to find these cute favors on their tables waiting for them:


Built from solid materials; they can be easily taken by your guests to their homes where they can double up as photo- or note-holders or frames. They will be great mementos that the guests will cherish long after the wedding.

Add Some Sparkle to Your Event with Crystal Paperweight Favors

A popular bridal shower or wedding favor, these crystal paperweights will do a great job in replacing the traditional boring paper weights. Your guests will certainly appreciate these take-home gifts that will become bling on their work desks!

These paperweights are beautifully crafted and perfectly styled to make for decorative, yet practical wedding favors. They’re also worthy of being put on a shelf as show pieces because they ooze style and artfulness, sure to attract attention.


Made to last for years, these paperweights will be a useful memento for your guests. The truly exquisite designs will liven up a room with reflected light and subtle rainbow hues. Our site offers a variety, from a classic crystal heart to a candy-shaped design to make your paperweight look “sweet.” Both styles come complete with their own gift box, elegant organza ribbon tie, and gift tag.