Be Inspired by the Sun, Sand and Waves with this Seashell Knife and Server Set

The scenery of a wedding location is important especially if you are planning and preparing for a destination wedding. An outdoor garden is a common location for weddings while a seaside setting is also preferred by couples who want to celebrate the most important day of their lives in an extraordinary location where they can enjoy the company of their guests.

Planning for a beach wedding can be very exciting as you’ll have many choices and options for your designs, decorations and favors. Combine traditional wedding elements with seashells, colored sand, beach balls, colorful bouquets and more. You may also decorate the ceremony area with starfish and raffia, feature nautical-inspired centerpieces on every table and write table placecards on sand dollars.

To complete the accessories for your ideal beach wedding reception, choose this Lilian Rose stainless steel cake knife and server set adorned with seashells and pearls.  This set would be perfect for the cake cutting ceremony during your seaside resort wedding reception.


Lillian Rose Ivory Seashell Knife and Server Set

Giving Toasts to the Newlyweds with these Lillian Rose Peacock Feather Toasting Glasses

Celebratory drinking at weddings is a timeless tradition observed worldwide. At the wedding reception, guests drink and offer toasts to the newlyweds to give recognition and honor to their union. Toasts are commonly offered by the wedding’s host or hostess.

Make the toast more special for the happy couple with this set of Lillian Rose Peacock Feather Toasting Glasses. Each flute features a slim stem adorned with an aqua and green ribbon and a peacock feather in the same color scheme. A flower rhinestone ornament holds the bow together.


Lillian Rose Peacock Feather Toasting Glasses (Set of 2)

The wedding attendants, a special guest, a close relative or a friend of the couple may offer toasts but the “host offers the first toast” rule is also observed as in other celebrations and functions. The host or the person giving the toast can get the attention of all the guests by standing and raising his glass.

Complement Your Wedding Theme with This Bride & Groom Chair Sash Set

As we always say, an ideal wedding is all about the details. If you’re going for a minimalist, ultra-modern, neutrals, or black-and-white theme for your wedding, this Bride & Groom Chair Sash Set may be the perfect final touch to your wedding reception details:


While just about everyone will know who the bride and groom are, and their tables are usually set apart from the guests at the wedding reception, to have these sashes across their chairs adds a unique, elegant touch to the wedding.

More than that, the bride and groom may also keep these as mementoes of their special day. And if they are sentimental, they could always reuse these on their 10th, 25th or 50th anniversary celebrations.

This chair sash set will work perfectly with a silver theme, as well. Black and silver themes are good choices for those with modern tastes, and there are some brides who even go for all-black wedding themes. A perfect way to complement those themes!

Beautiful Art Deco Design “Mr. & Mrs.” Champagne Coupe Toasting Flutes for the Newlyweds

Engaged couples spend months planning for their big day. Preparing for a wedding is such a daunting task as there is a long list of to-dos that has to be accomplished. Everything has to be listed, checked and double-checked down to the very last detail.

There’s a lot to be covered when it comes to wedding preparations: the guest list, the rings, the bride’s dress, the ceremony, reception venue, food, and other important details. Most couples seek the creativity and expertise of wedding planners to make their dream wedding a reality. The couple and the wedding crew often work as a team. After the couple decides on what they want for their wedding, the wedding crew will work to put everything together.

On that big list of to-dos: at the wedding reception, toasts are traditionally made to the newlyweds. Usually, it is the parents, the best man, and the maid of honor who offer the toasts. What better than these beautiful Art Deco design, etched “Mr. and Mrs.” Champagne Coupe Toasting Flutes to make the toasts even more memorable for the happy couple:


Mr. & Mrs. Champagne Coupe Toasting Flutes

Show Your Love of the Outdoors with Camouflage Wedding Accessories Collection

If you love the outdoors and you want your wedding ceremony to have a touch of nature, this Camouflage Wedding Accessories Collection will definitely capture your adventurous side.  


Camouflage Wedding Accessories Collection

The set has a guest book and pen set, a flower girl basket, a ring bearer pillow, and a garter. Each item is covered with burlap cloth for a rustic natural look. Burlap is a woven fabric made from the skin of the jute plant or other fibers.  Every item features a design that highlights nature, trees, and other foliage.

It’s a complete set that can be used for your ceremony and is perfectly suited to an outdoor fall wedding. So don’t go looking anywhere else for the perfect accessories. You can have your wedding planner accessorize the items depending on your venue. The guest book has 30 pages that can accommodate approximately 600 signatures.

Globe-with-Heart Motif Cotton Favor Bags for Destination or Wanderlust-Themed Weddings

When choosing the motif, accessories, and theme for your wedding, it would be wise to consider what both you and your soon-to-be-spouse value most. You may choose designs from wedding catalogs or you can entrust all the planning to your coordinator and just choose from their selection’s short list.

But if you want your wedding to be unique and personalized as possible, include themes and details that are significant to your relationship. Play your favorite music during the reception. Make a montage of your most treasured photos as a couple and perhaps have them printed on the table number cards. Choose your favors carefully. For example, couples who have a love of travel will be delighted with these Globe with Heart Cotton Favor Bags, which are perfect for a destination or wanderlust-themed wedding.


Globe with Heart Design Cotton Favor Bags

These fantastic favor bags are made of white cotton canvas and are printed with a terrific globe-with-a-heart-inside design to show your love of travel. A handy pull cord serves as the bag’s closure.

Beautiful Beaded Toasting Glasses to Make Your Special Day Extra-Special

A very important part of the wedding reception’s program is when the bride and groom make a toast to their union. In order to make the moment extra-special, you should use something ornate to make the toast stand out. Something like these beautiful Beaded Toasting Glasses, which are a great way to celebrate your day. These beaded glasses are perfect for such a moment. They are not just ornate, but also beautiful, regal, and elegant. Nothing fits such a symbolic, commemorative moment more than these glasses.

Beautiful Beaded Toasting Glasses (Set of 2)

For the men out there, you could also use these glasses for the night you propose. You can order a set of these then ask your caterer or the staff at the restaurant where you’re planning to do the proposal to use these glasses instead of what they have. This would make the moment extra-special, and you and your soon-to-be wife should totally use these during date nights. Whatever special occasion you choose to use these toasting glasses with, they will always add a touch of style and glamour. Best wishes!


A Unique Alternative to the Traditional Guest Book: Large Natural Guest Signing Stones

Part of the memories created in a wedding includes the mementoes for your guests to leave their mark. This is why a guest book should always be a part of your wedding day accessories. A creative way to let your guests leave their mark on your momentous event is in the form of notes and signatures written on these beautiful, creative large natural guest signing stones:

Large Natural Guest Signing Stones (Package of 15-20 Stones)

Large Natural Guest Signing Stones (Package of 15-20 Stones)

A very unique alternative way to have your guests sign their notes and their well-wishes, these guest signing stones will certainly add an interesting facet to your wedding.

But please take note, these signing stones will require you to use a permanent marker with medium or fine point. We suggest getting your favorite colors, instead of just the standard black! If you could find metallic colors, they’re great, as well.

You don’t need to stick to traditional ways and details for your wedding. With creative alternatives like these signing stones, you have unique options how to keep the memories of one of the most important events in your life. Here’s to you and your future spouse! Best wishes!


A Guest Book & Pen Set with a Hint of the Sea: Our Coastal Seashell Guest Book & Pen Set

A guest book and pen set is an integral part of a wedding and the celebrations surrounding it. It is a way for the bride and groom to collect kind thoughts and well wishes from the ones they love. The friends and family you choose to attend the most important celebration in your life are offered a way to share and record how happy they feel for the newlyweds, as well as the good things they want for the couple.

A great guest book option is this lovely Coastal Seashell Guest Book and Pen Set. Perfect for a seaside or beach-themed wedding, this guest book will blend right in with your beach-inspired details. If your wedding will be held indoors, but you’re adding elements that remind you of the sand and the sea, this will be perfect for your motif.

Coastal Seashell Guest Book and Pen Set

Coastal Seashell Guest Book and Pen Set

Guest books are treasure troves of memories. Encourage your guests to leave their best wishes and notes of advice in this stylish guest book and pen set that hints of the sea.


Add a Touch of Flair to the Cake-Cutting Ceremony with a Beaded Knife and Server Set

The cake-cutting ceremony counts as one of the central mini-ceremonies that make up a wedding. Aside from the vows and the sacraments in the wedding ceremony itself, the cake-cutting serves as the major highlight of the wedding reception.

If you want to add a touch of flair to your cake-cutting ceremony, what better way than to use an intricate cake-cutting tool set, such as our Beaded Knife and Server Set? It may not be made of gold or genuine precious gems, but the beautiful silver beads on the handles and their detailed design make for elegant cake-cutting tools that may be used for many occasions to come after your special day.

Beaded Cake Knife and Server Set

Add an air of romance and style to your cake-cutting ceremony with this beautiful beaded handles cake-cutting set!