Adorable Macaron Design Key Chains are a Great Wedding Favor Idea

If you want something simple for your guests to take home from your wedding, you can never go wrong with key chains. They’re nice and handy, and they’ll be cute wedding favors for your guests to take home. If your wedding is made up of only your closest friends, you can even give the keychain wedding favor idea a thoughtful spin: choose key chains that have a degree of significance for your guests. You can either choose different key chains for each and every guest, which is very doable if you only have around 30 to 50 guests, or you can choose key chains by the friend groups that your guests belong to.

If you have friends that are pastry fiends, or who have baking as a hobby, or who love Paris (where they call “macarons” what we call “macaroons”) one rather cute wedding favor idea is these adorable macaron design key chain favors with the Eiffel Tower design on them. These colorful and “delicious” key chains are a fun way to commemorate your wedding reception, bridal shower or other special event.


Adorable Macaron Design Key Chain Favors


Wedding Party Gifts for Beer Lovers: Monogrammed Amber Beer Growlers and Craft Beer Mugs

If you’re looking for creative wedding party gift ideas for your groomsmen and bridesmaids who are also craft beer enthusiasts, consider giving them monogrammed amber beer growlers. If you think that wine is the only drink that people with gourmet tastes can appreciate, think again, as craft beers are gaining aficionados around the world. Craft beers are made beyond the usual malt and hops. From grains to nuts, and even fruits, craft beer ingredients are as creative as beers can get. Your recipients will love taking their growlers to the local craft breweries, that are popping up all over the country, to fill them up with “liquid treasure” from the craft beer gods!


Monogrammed Amber Beer Growler

When they get their growlers home they’ll also appreciate pouring their favorite beverage into the personalized craft beer glass mugs you gave them, as well.


Handsome Personalized Craft Beer Glass Mugs

Craft beers are so prized because they are made to bring out subtle hints of flavor. This is why it’s an excellent choice to have personalized growlers and glass mugs as your wedding party gifts (or your gift to the bride and groom) or as gifts for the holidays. Your beer connoisseur friends will love them!

A Time Capsule of Your Wedding in a Personalized Heirloom Keepsake Lacquer Box

When all is said and done, when the champagne has been spent, the doves have been released, and all the traces of the wedding revelry have been cleared, how do you keep choice mementos of your wedding day? A great place to do so would be in this personalized heirloom keepsake lacquer box, a box as beautiful as the wedding keepsakes you will hide them in. It is a fitting vessel to keep the memories of the most memorable day of your life.


Personalized Heirloom Keepsake Lacquer Box

Keep your veil, your garter, parts of your bouquet, well wishes from your guests and even a sample of your wedding favors or two. Keep your groom’s bowtie, the wedding invitation, and some of your jewelry. Keep the most precious and memorable items from your wedding in this detailed, beautifully-crafted lacquer box.

Call it an ornate time capsule of sorts. Call it your bridal treasure box. Either way, this is one beautiful place to keep memories of your wedding that you will cherish for many years to come.

The White Rose Kissing Ball: Wedding Decor and Flower Girl Basket Alternative

A pomander is a ball of dried herbs and spices that were originally created to ward off illnesses and bad smells. On the other hand, a kissing ball is a ball of dried plants, especially mistletoe, which was hung during the Christmas season for strangers to have fun and kiss under. Nowadays, kissing balls (or pomanders) are used as decorations in weddings and as an alternative to the traditional flower girl basket.

Kissing balls can be hung as accents in the wedding ceremony or at the wedding reception venue. They can also be carried by flower girls at venues that don’t allow flower petals to be dropped on the floor. A very charming touch to your wedding would be this white rose kissing ball or one of our other kissing balls:


White Rose Kissing Ball

A set of these pomanders are simple, elegant, and unique. As accents, they will add charm to your wedding. And for your flower girls, they are cute and will become a neat keepsake. Go for something different on your wedding day!

Addie Personalized Totes as Bridesmaid Gifts That Will Be Useful Beyond the Wedding

Our philosophy is that great bridesmaid gifts will either be very charming, absolutely cute, or very useful … or all three! So, if you want your wedding party to be able to use the wedding party gifts you send them home with, try choosing wedding favors that fall into any of these three descriptions.


Addie Personalized Totes (6 Colors)

If you want to go for “very useful,” think about bottle openers, kitchenware, frames, flower vases, or, these trending, useful and cute Addie personalized totes, which can be used by your bridesmaids to tote their stuff to the gym, to work, or even when traveling.

Bridesmaids gifts such as these Addie personalized totes have a whole lot of possibilities for the gift recipient, and as the giver, surely, it would bring you extra joy to know that the wedding party gifts you have chosen will have use way beyond your wedding.

Fleur De Lis Wedding Favors For Your Themed Wedding

If you’re looking to plan a themed wedding, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on our collection of fleur de lis wedding favors. The fleur de lis symbolizes a lotus flower or a lily that will add beauty to any wedding. French romantic, New Orleans, and Parisian are the wedding themes where you can employ a touch of fleur de lis.


Elegant Fleur de Lis Frosted Glass Picture Coasters (Set of 2)

Fleur de lis wedding favors come in many different stylish and useful flavors such as bottle openers, tealight candle holders, picture coasters, and more.  These favors although royal-looking, are really light on the wallet. You can also add personalized tags to many of them as a thank you to your guests — customize them with your names and event details. Your guests will be sure to appreciate and remember these classy party favors for a long time to come.


The Show-Stopping Fleur de Lis Pewter-Finish Bottle Opener