The White Rose Kissing Ball: Wedding Decor and Flower Girl Basket Alternative

A pomander is a ball of dried herbs and spices that were originally created to ward off illnesses and bad smells. On the other hand, a kissing ball is a ball of dried plants, especially mistletoe, which was hung during the Christmas season for strangers to have fun and kiss under. Nowadays, kissing balls (or pomanders) are used as decorations in weddings and as an alternative to the traditional flower girl basket.

Kissing balls can be hung as accents in the wedding ceremony or at the wedding reception venue. They can also be carried by flower girls at venues that don’t allow flower petals to be dropped on the floor. A very charming touch to your wedding would be this white rose kissing ballĀ or one of our other kissing balls:


White Rose Kissing Ball

A set of these pomanders are simple, elegant, and unique. As accents, they will add charm to your wedding. And for your flower girls, they are cute and will become a neat keepsake. Go for something different on your wedding day!

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