Just Add Candies or Crafts to Our Choose Your Theme Personalized Small 4 Ounce Mason Jars

If you’re looking for a charming, cute idea to build your party favors on, these Choose Your Theme Personalized Small 4 Ounce Mason Jars will do the trick. The jars may be personalized with a wide variety of fun designs, so whether you’re planning a baby or bridal shower, a birthday or anniversary party, a wedding reception, or even a graduation party, these jars will be great favors for your guests to take home:

Choose Your Theme Personalized Small 4 Ounce Mason Jars

We heartily suggest these ideas for you to try for the party favors to add to these personalized 4-ounce mason jars:

  • Mints, tic-tacs, or hard candies
  • Mini M&M’s
  • Tiny gummy bears
  • Jelly beans

If you want your guests to be able to keep their party favors for life, or at least a very long time, here are some non-edible ideas:

  • Potpourri
  • Creative beads
  • Mini crayons
  • Tiny rolled quotes
  • Paper stars

Send your guests home with any of our ideas, and they’ll be glad they came to your party!

Keep Your Reception Table Settings Neat with Personalized Vineyard Motif White Canvas Silverware Holders

There’s a major difference between reception tables with utensils just arranged in the open air and a table that’s set with silverware holders. The latter gives the impression that the party hosts pay extra attention to detail. It is a tiny little detail that makes a whole lot of difference.

Setting table utensils in silverware holders makes the setting look clean, neat, and gives the impression that it is extra-sanitary, a detail that a lot of guests will appreciate. If you’re looking to achieve this effect on your wedding reception, we highly recommend these Personalized Vineyard Motif White Canvas Silverware Holders:


Personalized Vineyard Motif White Canvas Silverware Holders

The black and white color scheme is perfect for a classic or traditional wedding theme, and will also fit right in with a linen-and-lace décor setting. The vineyard motif, complete with the fonts, will add to the vintage flair that it brings to your tables.

Our Holiday Wishes Snowflake Spreader Makes a Thoughtful, In-Season Wedding Favor or Gift

Having a winter wedding? A simple but thoughtful party favor this holiday season is this beautiful Holiday Wishes Snowflake Spreader. It’s a butter and dip spreader with a pretty snowflake design that’s sure to remind your guests of your winter wedding. It’s also very useful, so your guests would really appreciate receiving a thoughtful, tasteful favor that they could use once they get home.


Holiday Wishes Snowflake Spreader

This wedding favor is rather affordable, so you can easily give these out to a 50 guest, even a 100 guest wedding. If you have other, more affordable favor ideas, you may give these to your principal sponsors, or only to your family, and have other wedding favors for your other guests.

If you find that this spreader is just too cute, and you just want to give it away for Christmas presents, you can definitely buy these by the dozen and take care of your gift-giving dilemma! Cute, thoughtful, and affordable!

Pack Your Party Favors Attractively with Stylized Modern Flowers Design Cotton Favor Bags

Some people mistakenly believe that packaging doesn’t have to be as attractive as the gift itself. It’s the gift itself that counts, they reason. Just to illustrate how important packaging is, according to an AdAge study, 64% of that particular study’s respondents communicated that they would be drawn to and impulsively purchase a product because of its attractive packaging. Thus, as a party host, you’d do well to pack your party favors in attractive boxes or bags. Not only will your guests go home happy, they’d also appreciate the extra care that you put into putting together your party favors. The perfect party favor packaging may well be these Stylized Modern Flowers Design Cotton Favor Bags:

Stylized Modern Flowers Design Cotton Favor Bags (Package of 25)

Not only are they cute and attractive, they’re also pretty useful. And these will also fit right in with an earth-friendly or rustic wedding theme. When your guests take them home, they can reuse the bags for their makeup, snacks, or other necessities. Nifty packaging all around!

Set Family Solidarity with an Architectural Elements Color Family Name Print

Fresh from your wedding, it’s time you carve out your family’s identity. It’s time to dream and be as childlike as you can be with your new spouse: Make a family motto. Set a family “theme song.” Pick out a family color. Things that may sound silly, but in the long run, may help foster family solidarity. These little things are the little things that could define your family’s identity. And these little things are the ones that your family could fall back on, when the tough times come.

You may want to start with having your family name carved out for you to proudly display somewhere everyone can see: On the living room wall, in the foyer, on a kitchen wall, above the fireplace. Such a detail, possibly similar to this gorgeous Architectural Elements II Color Family Name Print, starts your family right. As they say, it’s the little things that matter; it’s the little things that prove to be the glue for a marriage, for a family. The family name print also makes a great personalized gift for the newlyweds or a Christmas present to a friend or a sibling’s family.


Architectural Elements II Color Family Name Print


Bubble-Shaped Glass Terrarium Bowls Serve as Versatile Table Décor

If you’re looking for a versatile item to add to your party’s table décor, a beautiful set of Bubble-Shaped Glass Terrarium Bowls could be the detail you’re looking for.


Bubble-Shaped Glass Terrarium Bowls (Set of 4)

Here are some ideas on how to use these terrarium bowls as table centerpieces:

  • For a seaside beach wedding, fill the bowls with sand, add seashells, colored pebbles and a table number to mark and organize your tables. Alternatively, you may add a list of your guests who should be seated at that table.
  • If you think that sand is messy, you may fill the bowls with colored pebbles and set the table numbers or guest names inside.
  • For a children’s party, use candy instead of pebbles. Let your guests know that they can have the candy inside. Bite-sized and individually-packed chocolates, gummy bears, and similar sweets can also be used. Tiny baked treats are also a great touch.
  • For an intimate setting, you may replace the table numbers or guest list with tealights instead.

There’s no end to what you can do with these glass terrarium bowls!


Regal Elegance Jeweled Place Card Holders Complete a Classic Wedding Motif

If you’re going for a classic, regal, traditional and rich motif for your wedding, you need to have ornate elements to complete the look. Go heavy on the lace, the intricate silverware, the layered cloths, the satin ribbons. Of course, you may break the silk, satin and lace combinations with swaths of linen or heavy cotton. Then as you tie the theme together with silver, gold, copper, or even brass details, make sure that the whole theme is balanced, and doesn’t go over-the-top.

Regal Elegance Jeweled Place Card Holders (Set of 4)

A great helpful tip for themes that lean heavily on the classic or traditional flavor is to go monochromatic. Personally, I find that silver and white are great together. If you’re going for the silver-and-white theme, a great detail to add would be these Regal Elegance Jeweled Place Card Holders. These are tiny details that will make so much of a difference to a silver-and-white, classically-themed wedding. Indeed, the overall effect would simply be regal, not to mention elegant!