Regal Elegance Jeweled Place Card Holders Complete a Classic Wedding Motif

If you’re going for a classic, regal, traditional and rich motif for your wedding, you need to have ornate elements to complete the look. Go heavy on the lace, the intricate silverware, the layered cloths, the satin ribbons. Of course, you may break the silk, satin and lace combinations with swaths of linen or heavy cotton. Then as you tie the theme together with silver, gold, copper, or even brass details, make sure that the whole theme is balanced, and doesn’t go over-the-top.

Regal Elegance Jeweled Place Card Holders (Set of 4)

A great helpful tip for themes that lean heavily on the classic or traditional flavor is to go monochromatic. Personally, I find that silver and white are great together. If you’re going for the silver-and-white theme, a great detail to add would be these Regal Elegance Jeweled Place Card Holders. These are tiny details that will make so much of a difference to a silver-and-white, classically-themed wedding. Indeed, the overall effect would simply be regal, not to mention elegant!

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