Mini Glass Bell Jars with White Fluted Bases are a Classic Twist to Your Party’s Dessert Bar

Give your dessert spread a classic look and feel with these miniature glass bell jars with white fluted bases. Each bell jar measures 4” x 3” so they’re perfect to fill with mini-cupcakes, marshmallows, cake balls, chocolate éclairs and other sweet stuff you’re offering for party guests.


Miniature Glass Bell Jars with white Fluted Bases

Your guests will surely love the delish treats made even more enticing and mouth-watering by the decorative glass bell jars. These miniature jars are also great as take-home favors for your guests. Just fill them with assorted treats from your reception dessert table and put out a ‘Thank you for coming’ sign. Or, better yet, you may customize the jars with personalized “belly band” ribbons to commemorate your event:


Personalized Mini Glass Bell Jars with White Fluted Bases

Personalized Favors Help You Enjoy the Season of Merriment Bonding with Family and Friends

Parties are always fun from beginning to end. The fun starts in the planning stage when you collect ideas for possible themes. Organizing a party, an event or a celebration can be a fun and fulfilling bonding activity that can nurture relationships.

Ensure that the food and refreshments are taken care of ahead of time. A candy buffet, dessert table or spread will make your party extra special. Prepare the guest list and invitations. If you’re up for more entertainment, you can invite a local band to entertain guests or you can set up a karaoke and let the guests sing to their hearts’ content.

Parties are not complete without goodie bags and giveaways. Be sure you have favors for guests, such as these Match Your Theme Personalized Mint Boxes, which may be customized for any occasion. There are dozens of designs to choose from – weddings, birthdays, graduations, showers and anniversaries.


Match Your Theme Personalized Mint Boxes

Don’t stress yourself when preparing for a party. Consider it a time for bonding with the people you care about. If you have a full team cooperating and helping you, everything will turn out fine. You might even be surprised that your party is as good and well put as one that is organized by a professional party and event organizer.

Personalized Heart-Shaped Favor Containers

A wedding is a special day for love and life-long commitment. For you and your groom (or bride) to show gratitude and love to the people that made your special day memorable, be sure to give little mementos to your guests and well-wishers.

Let your guests bring home your love in these acrylic heart-shaped favor containers. These cute little hearts may be used to store trinkets, candies and mints and may be accented with sitckers in dozens of color and design combinations. Even better, you can make them even more personalized by adding a thank you message from you and your better half, or your names and the wedding date.


Personalized Heart-Shaped Favor Containers (Set of 12)

Heart-shaped favor containers are not only for weddings. They can also be used for other special occasions like birthday parties, baby showers, engagement parties and bridal showers.  Be creative and customize your heart-shaped favor containers depending on the occasion.,

Cute Owlet Tealights for Adorable Baby Shower Favors

Thinking of something different to bring to a baby shower?

Baby bottles and cloth diapers are the most common choices because they are economical and easy to find. Babies need a lot of stuff so it’s likely that a couple or more baby shower guests will choose to bring the same bottles, cloth diapers and onesies.

If you’re giving the shower for the mom-to-be and her little bundle of joy give something that can be used in the nursery like decorative frames, plush toys or these cute owlet tealights:


Adorable Colorful Owlets Tealights (Set of 4)

The adorable colorful cowlet tealights come in four colors – orange, light blue, yellow and brown. They are perfect for the shower as take-home favors.

Jazz Up Your Event’s Candy Buffet with Personalized Cocktail Shaker Favors

Planning a child’s birthday party or another celebratory event such as a baby shower? Consider adding a candy buffet to please the young and old alike.  Almost everyone likes sweets and you can make the candy buffet the centerpiece of your decorations instead of a cupcake tower or a chocolate fondue.

Plus, it is so easy to setup that even the little ones can do it with minor supervision. You can buy bags of candies at bulk prices and just put them in shallow bowls, pails, mason jars, or any container you have at home. You can even buy a few of these colorful Personalized Cocktail Shaker Favors  so your sweet-toothed guests can take home these delicious souvenirs that are a great alternative to the traditional goodie bags.  And you get to personalize them with three lines of your own custom text!


Personalized Cocktail Shaker Favors (18 Colors)

A fun final reminder – make sure you buy a good assortment of candies so no one would feel left out. Some poor toddler might throw a tantrum if they do not find their favorite candy on the table.

Just Add Candies or Crafts to Our Choose Your Theme Personalized Small 4 Ounce Mason Jars

If you’re looking for a charming, cute idea to build your party favors on, these Choose Your Theme Personalized Small 4 Ounce Mason Jars will do the trick. The jars may be personalized with a wide variety of fun designs, so whether you’re planning a baby or bridal shower, a birthday or anniversary party, a wedding reception, or even a graduation party, these jars will be great favors for your guests to take home:

Choose Your Theme Personalized Small 4 Ounce Mason Jars

We heartily suggest these ideas for you to try for the party favors to add to these personalized 4-ounce mason jars:

  • Mints, tic-tacs, or hard candies
  • Mini M&M’s
  • Tiny gummy bears
  • Jelly beans

If you want your guests to be able to keep their party favors for life, or at least a very long time, here are some non-edible ideas:

  • Potpourri
  • Creative beads
  • Mini crayons
  • Tiny rolled quotes
  • Paper stars

Send your guests home with any of our ideas, and they’ll be glad they came to your party!

Cotton Favor Bags are Simple and Affordable Yet Unique Party Favor Packaging

When preparing party favors, it’s always a great touch to present them in ornate, interesting, and creative bags or other containers. So when you’re organizing favors for a wedding, birthday, baby or bridal shower, always remind yourself that your favors should be presented in unique packaging.

Here are some tips on how to choose great bags or other containers for your party favors:

  • “Unique” is always the way to go if you want to give memorable take-home favors or gifts.
  • Being considered unique may lie in the bag or case’s material, color, or design.
  • Interesting or unique favor bags and packaging don’t have to be expensive.

For example, cotton favor bags like these with a rustic love birds and heart-filled branches design are party favor containers that fit all three of these tips. The material is a great reminder of things earth-friendly and may be associated with descriptive terms like “quirky,” “offbeat,” and, yes, “unique.”


Love Birds and Heart-Filled Branches Cotton Favor Bags

“Unique” and “interesting” can also be simple and affordable. A great example of this is using packaging like these terrific cotton favor bags, which come in a variety of prints that are suitable for many different occasions:


Variety of Cotton Favor Bags

Keep It Sweet and Simple with Blank Heart-Shaped Favor Containers

What better way to express your love than through hearts, right? And what better way to share that love than with give-away hearts? Hearts, as in blank heart-shaped favor containers that you can fill with goodies for your guests to take home.

Whether it’s a birthday party, a bridal shower, a baby shower, or your wedding, you can let your guests take home these little heart favors to remember your special event by:


Blank Heart-Shaped Favor Containers (Set of 12)

Simplicity is always great route to take with wedding or event favors and you can fill these cute little hearts with heart-shaped candies or whimsical treats such as gummy bears. You may even opt to take a simpler route by filling your heart-shaped containers with Tic-Tac mints or Altoids.

Add a touch of thoughtfulness and make your event favors more personal by adding a personalized thank you note. Or, you may want to “brand” your heart-shaped containers with personalized event labels:


Personalized Heart-Shaped Favor Containers (Wedding Designs)

Endless Possibilities with Personalized Hinged Glass Favor Jars

When looking for perfect, creative wedding favors to give away on your most special day, there is nothing more creative or affordable, than a set of glass jars. Our personalized hinged glass favor jars are full of possibilities: You can add candy, gummy bears, nuts, quotes rolled into cute little mini-scrolls, even nice, practical, useful things like sugar, iced tea powder, coffee grounds … or even sand from the beach where you’re having your wedding! Even better, you get to personalize them with stickers featuring your choice of dozens of fun designs to commemorate any of life’s milestone events.


Personalized Hinged Glass Favor Jars for All Occasions

The versatility of what you can do with personalized hinged-lid glass jars is limited only by your imagination. That’s what makes it the perfect wedding favor: it’s like a blank canvas for painting; only, it’s a jar that you can fill with things cute, significant, or even downright necessary. It’s a souvenir of the celebratory event in your life that your guests will happy to take home with them.


Adorable Personalized Baby Shower Hinged-Lid Favor Jars

Classic Monogrammed Gifts for Your Wedding Party & Monogrammed Favors for Your Guests

One of the best ideas to make your wedding day or other important event memorable is to give monogrammed gifts to your wedding party and monogrammed favors to your guests. A monogram not only enhances the beauty of the favor, but it is also flexible, as the design can be used on a variety of items. For example, monograms look great on glassware:


Personalized Frosted-Glass Votives (Monogram Designs)


Personalized Rustic Wedding Themed Shot Glass/Votive Holder

… and home decor items like throw pillows and jewelry boxes are great options as well:


Modern Single Initial Monogram Throw Pillows


Elegant Engraved Glass Jewelry Boxes

Leave a lasting impression with keepsake bridesmaid gifts like our monogrammed wine and cocktail glasses, compact mirrors, votive holders and much more. A monogrammed leather-wrapped stainless steel flask, a shot glass set with a single initial, or a monogrammed hinged-lid watch box are perfect gift ideas for the groomsmen. We also have a classic collection of monogrammed gifts for baby showers, birthdays, graduation parties, and corporate events. It’s easy: select a monogrammed favor or gift of your choice, then choose from the wide variety of monogram styles and designs … then leave the rest to us.