Surprise the Newlyweds, a Friend or Client with a Personalized Wooden Wine Barrel Sign

At the start of the year, we usually receive personalized planners and calendars as gifts from friends, work colleagues and business clients. Those colorful calendars and table planners are always useful and would always find a place in your office.


But if you want to do the giving for a change, consider one of these unique personalized wooden wine barrel signs. These unique personalize signs are made from real wooden Oak barrels. Any of the seven available designs would make a fantastic gift for newlyweds, friends or business clients who are wine enthusiasts.


Personalized Wooden Wine Barrel Signs (7 Designs)

These distinctive wooden signs are similar to those crafted signs that you may see in wine shops and restaurants. Each of these signs may also be used as a wall decoration for your home bar or wine cellar. It can also accentuate any part of your kitchen or family room. Choose from the seven designs available as each has a different character and theme. Each round sign is edged with an aged-metal loop. Even better, you may personalize the sign with the last name of the recipient (or a custom text line) and a 4-digit year date of “establishment.”

Giving Toasts to the Newlyweds with these Lillian Rose Peacock Feather Toasting Glasses

Celebratory drinking at weddings is a timeless tradition observed worldwide. At the wedding reception, guests drink and offer toasts to the newlyweds to give recognition and honor to their union. Toasts are commonly offered by the wedding’s host or hostess.

Make the toast more special for the happy couple with this set of Lillian Rose Peacock Feather Toasting Glasses. Each flute features a slim stem adorned with an aqua and green ribbon and a peacock feather in the same color scheme. A flower rhinestone ornament holds the bow together.


Lillian Rose Peacock Feather Toasting Glasses (Set of 2)

The wedding attendants, a special guest, a close relative or a friend of the couple may offer toasts but the “host offers the first toast” rule is also observed as in other celebrations and functions. The host or the person giving the toast can get the attention of all the guests by standing and raising his glass.

This Personalized Mason Jar Moonshine Sampler Set Makes a Great Groomsmen Gift

Have you ever been to a restaurant or bar where they serve a flight of craft beers in miniature pilsner glasses or mason jars set on a wooden paddle? You can have that in your own home with this Personalized Mason Jar Moonshine Sampler Set:


Personalized Mason Jar Moonshine Sampler Set


This set is originally intended as a sampler set for beers, wines or other spirits (e.g., “moonshine”). But you also may use them to contain dips, sauces and other sweet and savory concoctions at your parties and buffets. The mini mason jar sampler set is also a great gift for friends and family. If you are preparing for a wedding, this would be a perfect gift for your wedding attendants.

Each set has four miniature mason glass jars, each holding up to 4 ounces of liquid. The mason jars come with a richly-stained rubberwood paddle, all of which may be personalized with a single block initial, as pictured. The paddle will hold the moonshine mason jars in place for serving to guests.

Elegant Grapes Motif Bamboo Cheese Board with Wine and Cheese Tools

Fine and elegant gifts are even more appreciated if they reflect the personality and lifestyle of the gift’s recipient. Successful people like to indulge in only the best choices of food, wine and other elements of leisure. If you are looking for a classy, yet affordable gift for your work colleagues, your clients or business associates, get this two-toned cheese board made with bamboo wood.

This grapes motif cheese board by Picnic Time swivels open to reveal tools that are suitable for a wine and cheese party. Each set comes with a bottle opener, a stainless-steel waiter-style corkscrew, and a fork-tipped cheese knife that can be conveniently used to cut cheese into bite pieces. The cutting board surface measures 62 square inches.


Grapes Motif Bamboo Cheese Board with Wine and Cheese Tools

Personalized Chevron-Striped Aluminum Water Bottles are Awesome Giveaways

Water bottles and coffee mugs are timeless favors and giveaways for parties and gatherings. For corporate events, consider giving this personalized chevron-striped aluminum water bottle. Aluminum water bottles are better than plastic, BPA-free water bottles or reusable water bottles.


Personalized Chevron-Striped White Aluminum Water Bottle

Water bottles and coffee mugs are timeless favors and giveaways for parties and gatherings. For corporate events, consider giving this personalized chevron-striped aluminum water bottle. Aluminum water bottles are better than plastic, BPA-free water bottles or reusable water bottles.

You can always reuse plastic water bottles as long as they’re clean and not deteriorated but to be safe, it’s better to always bring your own aluminum bottle that you can refill with water or beverages. That way, you can have your fill whenever you get thirsty.

Remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to hydrate your body. The recommended daily intake of total beverages for males is at least 13 cups or 3 liters while as for females, it is advised to drink at least 9 cups or 2.2 liters of water.

Choose from blue or pink chevron-white striped aluminum bottles that may be personalized with three block initials in the pictured lettering style. The flip top lid makes it easy to open this aluminum water bottle. You can also carry the bottle with you wherever you go because it comes with a carabiner-clip screw-top that you can secure to a belt, backpack or bike.

Personalized Frosted Glass Votives are Rustic Bridal Shower Must-Haves

Weddings and walking down the aisle ceremonies wouldn’t be complete without the bridal shower that happens before the actual wedding day. Bridal showers are special occasions wherein the bride-to-be celebrates the last days of her singlehood with close friends and relatives. A bridal shower party actually gives the bride a much needed break from wedding preparation.

Based on tradition, this pre-wedding bash is usually organized either by the Maid of Honor, the best friend or sister of the bride-to-be. It is an event to honor and celebrate the bride’s life. Although it is not required to play games, bridal shower games and activities are usually fun. If planned with utmost attention and care, the bride and her guests can have a truly enjoyable time.

To complete the occasion and to give thanks to your bridal shower guests, give each of them a personalized frosted glass votive. These rustic bridal shower personalized frosted-glass votives have your choice of two designs: a stripes-and-banner look or a shabby-chic woodgrain motif, both with woodlands floral accents. Each votive can be personalized with your monogrammed initial and the date and/or venue of your bridal shower.


Rustic Bridal Shower Personalized Frosted Glass Votives

Beautiful Art Deco Design “Mr. & Mrs.” Champagne Coupe Toasting Flutes for the Newlyweds

Engaged couples spend months planning for their big day. Preparing for a wedding is such a daunting task as there is a long list of to-dos that has to be accomplished. Everything has to be listed, checked and double-checked down to the very last detail.

There’s a lot to be covered when it comes to wedding preparations: the guest list, the rings, the bride’s dress, the ceremony, reception venue, food, and other important details. Most couples seek the creativity and expertise of wedding planners to make their dream wedding a reality. The couple and the wedding crew often work as a team. After the couple decides on what they want for their wedding, the wedding crew will work to put everything together.

On that big list of to-dos: at the wedding reception, toasts are traditionally made to the newlyweds. Usually, it is the parents, the best man, and the maid of honor who offer the toasts. What better than these beautiful Art Deco design, etched “Mr. and Mrs.” Champagne Coupe Toasting Flutes to make the toasts even more memorable for the happy couple:


Mr. & Mrs. Champagne Coupe Toasting Flutes

Personalized Pink Chevron Striped Stainless Steel Travel Mug

If you are having a party — whether it’s your birthday, a celebration of a promotion, a house warming, or a bridal shower, this personalized Pink Chevron Striped Stainless Steel Travel Mug will make a unique giveaway to yourself and your friends and guests. For weddings, these mugs will make perfect thank you gifts for your bridesmaids.


Personalized Pink Chevron Striped Stainless Steel Travel Mug

This trendy travel mug is very usable and functional. Your guests will be delighted to have this stainless steel mug during their travels and out-of-town trips. It’s also very good for use in the office or in the comfort of your own home … and it fits snugly into the cup holder in your car. It has a spill-free plastic lid with spout for easier pouring of hot and cold drinks and a large handle for your carrying convenience. The mug is available in a blue, green and pink chevron design that may be personalized with three block initials.

Personalized Felt Carry All Totes Make Great Giveaways

Useful tote bags never go out of style, so they make versatile and stylish bridesmaids gifts or as favors during corporate events and other gatherings such as trade conferences and sales meetings. Giveaway tote bags are very practical to use because they have so much space for all your stuff such as your purse, vanity kit, smart phone, and other small items. These days, tote bags are also often used as reusable shopping bags.

If you are looking for quality and stylish tote bags, check out these Personalized Felt Carry-All Totes that are available in two colors: black with grey interior or grey with blue interior.

Personalized Felt Carry All Totes

Even better, these totes may be custom embroidered with your name (up to 15 letters) or a large single initial in your choice of 20 vibrant thread colors. These tote bags are made of 100% polyester felt so they are easy to clean and reusable.

Personalized Chalkboard-Style ‘Oh Happy Day’ Aluminum Water Bottle Makes a Unique Bridesmaid Gift

If you are a sporty couple who want to showcase your love for being active, or you just want to provide a bridal shower favor or bridesmaid gift that can be used over and over, consider our Chalkboard-Style Oh Happy Day Aluminum Water Bottle:


Personalized Chalkboard-Style Oh Happy Day Aluminum Water Bottle

While the price tag may be a little too steep for a wedding favor, you can use this for a bridal shower favor when your guest list is limited to 20 or fewer guests. If you’re talking a larger shower, then the personalized water bottles would be very welcomed bridesmaids gifts, of course.

Aside from weddings and showers, this party favor is also great for other events, such as corporate team building activities, charities, or even a club mountain trekking or camping trip. You get to personalize them with each of the recipients’ three initials. Indeed, this is a versatile favor option!