Beautiful Art Deco Design “Mr. & Mrs.” Champagne Coupe Toasting Flutes for the Newlyweds

Engaged couples spend months planning for their big day. Preparing for a wedding is such a daunting task as there is a long list of to-dos that has to be accomplished. Everything has to be listed, checked and double-checked down to the very last detail.

There’s a lot to be covered when it comes to wedding preparations: the guest list, the rings, the bride’s dress, the ceremony, reception venue, food, and other important details. Most couples seek the creativity and expertise of wedding planners to make their dream wedding a reality. The couple and the wedding crew often work as a team. After the couple decides on what they want for their wedding, the wedding crew will work to put everything together.

On that big list of to-dos: at the wedding reception, toasts are traditionally made to the newlyweds. Usually, it is the parents, the best man, and the maid of honor who offer the toasts. What better than these beautiful Art Deco design, etched “Mr. and Mrs.” Champagne Coupe Toasting Flutes to make the toasts even more memorable for the happy couple:


Mr. & Mrs. Champagne Coupe Toasting Flutes

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