Add a Touch of Flair to the Cake-Cutting Ceremony with a Beaded Knife and Server Set

The cake-cutting ceremony counts as one of the central mini-ceremonies that make up a wedding. Aside from the vows and the sacraments in the wedding ceremony itself, the cake-cutting serves as the major highlight of the wedding reception.

If you want to add a touch of flair to your cake-cutting ceremony, what better way than to use an intricate cake-cutting tool set, such as our Beaded Knife and Server Set? It may not be made of gold or genuine precious gems, but the beautiful silver beads on the handles and their detailed design make for elegant cake-cutting tools that may be used for many occasions to come after your special day.

Beaded Cake Knife and Server Set

Add an air of romance and style to your cake-cutting ceremony with this beautiful beaded handles cake-cutting set!


Personalized Vineyard Motif Decanter and Stemless Wine Glasses for the Wedding and Beyond

When you consider the wine decanter and glasses set that you’ll be using for your wine ceremony or toasting ceremony, you’re actually considering a set that you could use many times in the future on date nights, “monthsaries,” and other anniversaries to keep the romance alive.

Personalized Vineyard Motif Decanter and Stemless Wine Glasses

Personalized Vineyard Motif Decanter and Stemless Wine Glasses

If there’s anything that marriage counselors all heartily recommend, it’s that couples should always work on keeping the flames of their romance alive. They can nurture those flames through these suggestions:


  • Spending time together in non-mundane, non-everyday settings, such as on a restaurant date or perhaps a candle-lit dinner “date” at home.
  • Taking vacations together
  • Getting away from the kids occasionally
  • Keeping the “fun” side of their relationship going by adding activities such as treasure hunts, leaving quirky notes, and the like.


While this is not going to be a guarantee that your marriage will be resilient over time, these are practical, doable steps to keep the love alive. Add to that this beautiful Personalized Vineyard Motif Decanter and Stemless Wine Glasses set to use with your date nights, and you’re well set for a romantic, loving marriage after the ceremony.


Give Your Party a Fun Twist Using Our Silkscreened Glassware Collection Bistro Glasses

Whether you’re throwing an engagement party, a wedding reception, milestone birthday party, a New Year’s Eve shebang, a retirement party , or whatever celebration you have in mind, personalized souvenirs are always a great touch.

There’s one party favor on our site that just might be what you’re looking for: Silkscreened Glassware Collection Personalized Bistro Glasses. You can use these glasses during the party, then let the guests know that they may take them home as a fun surprise. They may even be used later as tealight candle holders. You may even have each glass printed with a special message to your guests to thank them for coming, or to congratulate the party honoree.


Silkscreened Glassware Collection Personalized Bistro Glasses

With our collection of dozens of fun and whimsical designs, you can find the best personalized glassware for your specific gathering, which will make it even more memorable. Guests will think of your generosity each time they reach for the glass in the cabinet.


Add Regal Elegance Jeweled Toasting Glasses to Your Wedding Reception

There’s something beautiful and charming about a wedding: It lets you dream of chiffon dresses, of lace, and of gorgeous, traditional whites. While everyone else is going with a rustic or vintage theme, it can’t hurt to go back to creating a dreamy traditional wedding for yourself.

If budget is a consideration, textiles can be swapped for more affordable options. If silk and satin have become too expensive in your area, you can try and see if there are polyester blends that still create the same effect. You can also mix and match the details, creating a traditional wedding with material that is still affordable.

There are some items that you shouldn’t compromise on, however. Your cake cutter, for example, has to be elegant. So should your toasting glasses. This beautiful set of Regal Elegance Jeweled Toasting Glasses are, elegant, ornate, and, indeed, regal. These will complete the toasting portion of your wedding reception with a flourish!


Regal Elegance Jeweled Toasting Glasses (Set of 2)