Charm Your Guests with Fantastic Personalized Mini Mason Jars

Mason jars have been around for decades, but they’ve really started trending in the last few years as an icon of vintage-inspired style. From simple fruit-infused waters to homemade chocolate drink mixes to cakes, mason jars are everywhere and they could be at your wedding too as favors.


Fantastic Personalized Mini Mason Jars (Set of 12)

Imagine rows of Fantastic Personalized Mini Mason Jars sitting on tabletops waiting for your bridesmaids to distribute them to your guests. They could be filled with chocolate candies, nuts or other treats, with personalized labels bearing you and your spouse’s names and the wedding date. Every one of your guests will be delighted to receive their own jar and consume its contents. Some will definitely be ecstatic to add another item to their collection.

A final note: regardless of the theme of your wedding, with the dozens of design, pattern and color combinations available, you can easily customize these mini mason jars to look right at home at your wedding reception, bridal  shower or other celebratory event.

A Time Capsule of Your Wedding in a Personalized Heirloom Keepsake Lacquer Box

When all is said and done, when the champagne has been spent, the doves have been released, and all the traces of the wedding revelry have been cleared, how do you keep choice mementos of your wedding day? A great place to do so would be in this personalized heirloom keepsake lacquer box, a box as beautiful as the wedding keepsakes you will hide them in. It is a fitting vessel to keep the memories of the most memorable day of your life.


Personalized Heirloom Keepsake Lacquer Box

Keep your veil, your garter, parts of your bouquet, well wishes from your guests and even a sample of your wedding favors or two. Keep your groom’s bowtie, the wedding invitation, and some of your jewelry. Keep the most precious and memorable items from your wedding in this detailed, beautifully-crafted lacquer box.

Call it an ornate time capsule of sorts. Call it your bridal treasure box. Either way, this is one beautiful place to keep memories of your wedding that you will cherish for many years to come.