Set Family Solidarity with an Architectural Elements Color Family Name Print

Fresh from your wedding, it’s time you carve out your family’s identity. It’s time to dream and be as childlike as you can be with your new spouse: Make a family motto. Set a family “theme song.” Pick out a family color. Things that may sound silly, but in the long run, may help foster family solidarity. These little things are the little things that could define your family’s identity. And these little things are the ones that your family could fall back on, when the tough times come.

You may want to start with having your family name carved out for you to proudly display somewhere everyone can see: On the living room wall, in the foyer, on a kitchen wall, above the fireplace. Such a detail, possibly similar to this gorgeous Architectural Elements II Color Family Name Print, starts your family right. As they say, it’s the little things that matter; it’s the little things that prove to be the glue for a marriage, for a family. The family name print also makes a great personalized gift for the newlyweds or a Christmas present to a friend or a sibling’s family.


Architectural Elements II Color Family Name Print


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