Stainless Steel Lanterns with Stylish Glass Panels for Every Occasion

One of my simple pleasures in life is eating dinner under the stars with a few candles adding a magical hue to the evening. I would usually just put a candle with a coaster underneath to keep the melted wax from coming into contact with the table.  Not really ideal since the wax tends to spill over the coaster and stick to the wood.

It occurred to me that the solution to my “little problem“ is these Stainless Steel Lanterns with Stylish Glass Panels. The glass panels will keep the candles burning on a windy night. They are really pretty and make a nice centerpiece on the table when not in use. They also make great centerpieces at an outdoor country or beachside wedding reception.


Stainless Steel Lantern with Stylish Glass Panels

If you are worried about ruining these lanterns with the smoke of real candles, you can always use flameless battery-operated LED tea-lights instead. They would look just as good as real burning candles without leaving marks on the stainless steel.

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