Delightful Personalized Printed Bud Vases For Your Guests to Take Home

When it comes to wedding favors, personalized and usable are two major themes that many brides and grooms have in mind. “Personalized” means that you care. It means that you helped plan your wedding with as much love as possible. And “personalized” shows that not only is the wedding about you, it is also about making sure that your guests will have as great a time as you will, and that they take home a gift to help them commemorate the event and that they’ll be able to use. One great idea that fits these needs perfectly is our delightful personalized printed bud vases:


Delightful Personalized Printed Bud Vases

They may be “personalized” to fit and accentuate your wedding’s theme with your choice of over 30 designs. And they will be “usable” for your guests when they put the bud vases to good use by filling them with decorative pebbles, a budding flower of their choice, or even paper flowers.