Vineyard Motif Stemless Wine Glasses Offer a Personalized Touch to your Reception

For a personal and intimate touch, serve wine in Personalized Vineyard Motif Stemless Wine Glasses at your wedding reception. Your guests will certainly have a great impression of your wedding when you incorporate touches like this.


Personalized Vineyard Motif Stemless Wine Glasses


Then, after your reception, you can let your guests take the glasses home. Wouldn’t that be killing two birds with one stone? Or you may want to send the wedding party home with a bottle of wine and one or two of these stemless glasses. Those wedding favors would certainly be thoughtful, useful, and not to mention a great reminder of the day they shared with you.

If you’re throwing another kind of event, such as a bridal shower or wedding rehearsal dinner, this would be great to use, as well. Then, if you’re into re-purposing, you may reuse these at your wedding itself. Then, inform your guests that they can take the glasses home if they choose, and if you want to have other wedding favors for them to bring home appoint your event staff to manage the giving-away process for you. Best wishes!

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