Accent Your Wedding Favors with Ivory Vintage Floral Favor Cards

We often talk about how packaging matters, especially for gifts and wedding favors on this blog. Today, we’ll talk about one more detail that will make a difference for how you present your wedding favors to your guests: The use of gift/thank you tags such as this beautiful set of Ivory Vintage Floral Favor Cards.

Ivory Vintage Floral Favor Cards (Package of 25)

Details such as these can make a complete difference: it sets your wedding apart by showing how the wedding organizers, including the bride, took care of every little detail. Plus, if you’re having a vintage-themed wedding, these cards will fit right in.

Another purpose that the gift tags serve is to communicate to your guests that you’re glad they came and took part in your wedding. Beyond witnessing your joy, it’s their presence that we know you value most … so these tags actually spell it out by saying “Thank You for Sharing Our Special Day.” A complementary detail such as this will certainly impress your guests!

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