Cute Personalized Suitcase Tins as Destination Gathering Giveaways

Suitcase tins are so cute as favors for many events. They’re charming whether you’re going to give them out for a going-away party or as a destination wedding or other gathering favors. You can fill up these cases with Tic-Tacs and other tiny treats that your guests may enjoy. Thinking of stuffing these metal cases with Altoids? Sure. Tiny pieces of chocolate? Fill away!


A Trail of Great Memories Personalizable Suitcase Tins


Another idea is that our A Trail of Great Memories Personalizable Suitcase Tins are perfect for a party you throw for friends or family who have an upcoming trip to Europe or Asia. Or maybe you’re moving away for a great work opportunity overseas. Or maybe you’re planning a get-together with friends with wanderlust who love to travel. This is a great trinket with which to punctuate your gathering. Here’s to creating great gatherings, and complementing them with fun party favors!