Let Romance Flow from Your Lace-Covered Wine Bottles

Lace is silky and elegant. The intricate patterns and the texture of thread in a lace cloth exude sophistication. Lace designs can instantly add romance to your wedding reception. Lace can also be sexy and sweet at the same time.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to incorporate lace designs into any wedding theme. Whether you’re going for vintage, modern or outdoors, lace designs can complement and enhance your decorations and centerpieces.

Check out this cream-colored lace wine bottle cover that may be used to accentuate the wine bottles at your reception. If you are sourcing your wines from different suppliers and if you prefer to serve different kinds of wine to your guests but you want to maintain a uniform, standard look in your decorations, use wine bottle covers and be ready to receive many compliments from your guests.


Cream-Colored Lace Wine Bottle Cover

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