Chalkboard-Motif Personalized Mint Tins are Perfect “Thank You” Favors for Your Wedding Guests

Weddings are beautiful and memorable occasions that celebrate love with family and friends. These events almost instantly transform to reunions with family members and relatives, long-time friends and people close to the bride and groom. These are also occasions to welcome people into your life — your in-laws and your spouse’s relatives and friends.


Chalkboard-Motif Personalized Mint Tins

On your special day, you might not be able to say thank you to each and every one of your guests. That’s where wedding favors come in handy. Giving cute, little favors is a simple yet thoughtful way to express your gratitude to your guests. Say “Thank You” to all the people who attended your wedding and your journey to a new chapter in your life. These chalkboard-motif personalized mint tins are perfect favors for your wedding guests and well-wishers.