Showcase Your Great Taste With Personalized Stemless Printed Champagne Flutes

A wedding is not just a couple’s public celebration of their love but also a public demonstration that they are crossing over from being single and into a life that is intertwined with each other. More than all of that, however, it is also a couple’s time to shine.

A wedding showcases a couple’s taste. It also showcases what they value. What better way to showcase your great taste and the care you put into your wedding, not to mention how you care about your guests, than to give away tasteful, personalized wedding favors? Personalized favors we have found that are popular with guests are these personalized stemless printed champagne flutes — you get to choose from dozens of design and color combinations to match just about any wedding theme:


Personalized Stemless Printed Champagne Flutes

As a rule of thumb, you would want to give away wedding favors that not only touch a chord with your guests, but are also something they would be delighted to have, more so use. If you were a guest at your wedding reception, wouldn’t you love bringing home one of these?