Endless Possibilities with Personalized Hinged Glass Favor Jars

When looking for perfect, creative wedding favors to give away on your most special day, there is nothing more creative or affordable, than a set of glass jars. Our personalized hinged glass favor jars are full of possibilities: You can add candy, gummy bears, nuts, quotes rolled into cute little mini-scrolls, even nice, practical, useful things like sugar, iced tea powder, coffee grounds … or even sand from the beach where you’re having your wedding! Even better, you get to personalize them with stickers featuring your choice of dozens of fun designs to commemorate any of life’s milestone events.


Personalized Hinged Glass Favor Jars for All Occasions

The versatility of what you can do with personalized hinged-lid glass jars is limited only by your imagination. That’s what makes it the perfect wedding favor: it’s like a blank canvas for painting; only, it’s a jar that you can fill with things cute, significant, or even downright necessary. It’s a souvenir of the celebratory event in your life that your guests will happy to take home with them.


Adorable Personalized Baby Shower Hinged-Lid Favor Jars