Give Your Guests Cute and Thoughtful Personalized Heart-Shaped Mint Tins

What is one thing that you absolutely have to have when you’re at a social function? Fresh breath, that’s what! Whether it’s a breath spray, Tic-Tacs, or Altoids, whatever gets you through the conversation without blowing your new friend away with dragon breath, is always key when conversing with people.

This is why our personalized heart-shaped mint tins are great options as wedding or party favors. Guests can store their mints or their breath fresheners of choice in these stylish metal containers. These are super cute cases that will let them keep their emergency “Fresh Breath Arsenal” handy because they come with heart-shaped mints already inside:


Personalized Heart-Shaped Mint Tins (Birthday Designs)

They’re party giveaways that are not only cute and creative, but also thoughtful, useful, and may even help keep the conversations going on at your wedding and beyond.

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